News in Egypt

Under this heading "News in Egypt", you will find articles on the history of our country, the monuments and the archaeological sites.

You will know what is really going on Egypt, although far from the international media.

This section "News in Egypt" also wants to be an "almanac". Thus its goal is to update the various animations in Egypt, whether in the public domain, politics, and others. Especially since it will be a very valuable element for people who would like to visit our beautiful country. As a result, by browsing our site, you will be able to see at a glance the many movements and animations of all kinds that take place in Egypt.

This section will be for each of you, your favorite bedside book to prepare your trip to Egypt.

In fact you are going to follow the news from Egypt; both the events and the visits of the stars, the social debates, as well as the exhibitions, and also, the characters. You will be made aware of the festivals, well appreciated by the Egyptians, while many people are unaware of their existence. Finally, we will send you news and current events in Egypt as soon as they are available to us. Discover all the news in Egypt and its many monuments, tips for your future trips to our beautiful country... 

Egypt pyramids

The Pyramids of Egypt are built at a time when Egypt was part of one of the richest civilizations. Also the most powerful in the world...
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ancient Egypt

Egypt is a country in North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The name “Egypt”...
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The Egyptian Cat

Southeast of the Egyptian city of Zagazig lie the ruins of the city sacred to the cat goddess Bastet. However revered for thousands...
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gods of egypt

The land of ancient Egypt was animated by the spirit of the gods. Every morning, the sun god Ra came out of the darkness in his big boat,...
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