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Voyage au Caire - Actualité en Egypte

Cairo beyond the pyramids

Cairo is a fusion of the old. Churches are built on top of Roman ruins and skyscrapers rise behind medieval monuments. The capital of Egypt is best known for preserving the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But the city contains infinite treasures beyond the pyramids of Giza.

Discover the history of early Christianity in Coptic Cairo. Browse the largest collection of pharaonic antiquities in the world and drink an Egyptian-style coffee in the bustling Khan El-Khalili souk. While ancient temples and intricate tombs await further south in Luxor and Aswan. Here's why you should take a break in Cairo before continuing your journey.

 Views of the Nile

Start your trip to Cairo with a walk in Zamalek. the glamorous northern part of the island of Gezira on the Nile. Dotted with elegant townhouses. In fact the Zamalek is home to embassies from around the world. Far from the chaos, its tree-lined streets parade to the rhythm of a softer drum. Start your day at Left Bank, a chic riverside cafe that offers a handful of gourmet menus. Including the traditional breakfast. The hearty meal consists of slices of feta cheese sprinkled with tomatoes, accompanied by local staples like falafel, a savory broad bean dish.

Visit Cairo Tower a tourist trap. Go there anyway during your trip to Cairo. Because it's the best way to get an overview of the city. In addition, you will enjoy the refreshing breeze on its terrace and admire the view of the Nile. As well as during the afternoon is quiet and relieves the flow of tourists. Who often come in the evening to see the Cairo Tower illuminated with colored lights. Also, the cafe located just under the terrace is a good place for a light meal, a coffee, and a panorama of Cairo at sunset.

 Cairo Opera House, is the most important structure of the National Cultural Center. In fact, it is a well-appointed place of representation. Plus Visitors can enjoy performances from Cairo's top bands in a 1,200-seat main auditorium. In addition, the elegant room is divided into four levels. Also custom designed for opera and ballet performances by touring international groups. In addition, do not miss during your trip to Cairo to visit the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art. Which presents the works of local artists in all fields: painting, sculpture and other mixed media. However, the museum is closed on Mondays and Fridays. 

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Start by contemplating the Roman ruins. First, head to the Hanging Church. Which owes its name to its picturesque location above a gate leading to the Babylon fortress of the Roman Empire.

Then after climbing 29 steps, visitors enter a large hall to marvel at the ornate walls. Plus, the carved pillars and benches under a high-vaulted roof. Also visit the church of Saint-Serge and Bacchus, whose interior is built in brick. In fact it is supposed to have been built where the family rested after their trip to Egypt. As well as its most curious feature is a three meter deep crypt. Revered for its reputation as the resting place of Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus.

If the main attractions of Coptic Cairo are its churches. There's also a small market, with a jewelry store and well-priced books on Egyptian architecture and history.

Voyage au Caire - Actualite en Egypte..
trip to cairo 

 The imposing Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan

Built during the Mamluk period was an ambitious attempt for the 14th century. The mosque is carefully designed to include all four schools of Sunni thought. Chafi'i, Maliki, Hanafi and Hanbali- in enclaves within its 118 foot high walls. Commissioned under the patronage of Sultan an-Nasir Hasan at a high cost, this structure remains incomplete.

She never fulfilled her function of preserving her body, which was not found after her assassination. However, the sultan gave Egypt one of its largest mosques. Still among the largest in the world. Its architecture is characterized by the decorative Chinese style. Right next to an ornate entrance indicating Egypt's trade links with China over 600 years ago. The curious ovoid dome is made of wood. Beyond the entrance, lamps hang from the gigantic ceiling, the highest point of the mosque being its minaret.

Al-Azhar Park

Finish with a stop at Al-Azhar Park, Cairo's greenest urban attraction. The fenced park originally was a landfill, and was turned into a park in 2005 at the initiative of Agha Khan IV, the 49th imam of Nizari Ismailism. Stretching in the center of the city, it is a real oasis in the middle of the urban hustle and bustle of Cairo.

Bordered by a 12th-century wall dating back to the Ayyubid dynasty, the park's gardens follow traditional Islamic architecture, with prominent waterways and walkways gently dividing the green space into cozier enclaves. Various food courts and restaurants overlook sweeping views of the city, including the historic Muhammad Ali Mosque on the western horizon.

You'll find the park packed with yoga classes, couples sitting by the fish ponds, and kids playing by the fountains. Visit an hour before sunset to bask in the golden light and watch the city transform.

 Tutankhamun's Treasure

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, the largest collection of pharaonic antiquities in the world is a must visit. Inside, the large ground floor displays a collection of objects from the New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC). Including a variety of traditional coffins arranged by style. Also papyrus rolls and coins from different kingdoms and cultures. Mainly Islamic, Greek and Roman.

In fact, the first floor houses two rooms of mummies. Which are laid out with notes on the ingredients used in each body's treatment. Also the most intriguing attraction of the museum is the treasure of King Tutankhamun. Displayed next to his mask are a series of intricate gold coffins, artifacts and jewelry.

The museum's treasures will eventually be transferred to the new Grand Egyptian Museum, scheduled to open in 2021 on the Giza Plateau.

 Khan El-Khalili Bazaar and Souk

The biggest and most dynamic tourist souk in the Cairo, Khan El-Khalili, offers a set of shops. In fact, known for semi-precious and precious jewelry. Actually originally built as a mausoleum for the Fatimid Caliphs. Then, the structure underwent many modifications over time. And finally remodeled in the 16th century by Sultan al-Ghuri. Inspired by the Ottoman style, it looks a lot like a Turkish bazaar.

Drop by Fishawi Cafe for its Egyptian-style coffee and serial vibe. It has served for local and international celebrities. Including Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz, and Will Smith. In fact, the ideal would be to order a mint tea or karkade made from hibiscus, the Egyptian national drink. Also with a shisha next door. You'll probably need the shisha after all the bargaining at the souk.

Mouizz Street, dubbed the “largest open-air museum of Islamic monuments”. It takes on its full meaning after sunset.

Located a short walk north of Khan El-Khalili. In fact this bustling promenade is flanked by some of the oldest and largest structures in Egypt. A walk can reveal the architecture of the dynasties that ruled the city at different times. From the Fatimid dynasty in 970 to the most recent, that of the Pashas, of which the famous emperor Muhammad Ali was the most important. It is home to the Qalawun complex, as well as a spectacular mausoleum and impressive Mamluk architecture.

At night, the whole street lights up. In this rich setting, during your trip to Cairo, you can taste traditional Egyptian dishes such as shish taouk, hamammahshi (Egyptian stuffed pigeon). Also mahshi (stuffed grape leaves).

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