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5.0 from 43 reviews
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  • 5.0 from 43 reviews
  • 04-11-2021

    B chaima

    Three weeks before our departure for Egypt I realized that organizing our trip alone was almost impossible and too complicated… so I did some research and I came across Terra trips! by reading the reviews on different sites I was quickly convinced! So I contacted Amro and I explained to him the places I wanted to visit. The next day he offered me an extremely detailed, complete and completely personalized program! After a brief telephone conversation, I immediately gave my full confidence to Amro and God knows how complicated it is for a person like me who has this need to manage and master everything! Dozens of them followed. of email exchange, as soon as I had a question or a request I could be sure to have an answer the same day!D-Day arrives: from the second we set foot at the airport in Egypt we were taken care of by the correspondents of Amro! Whether it was for the purchase of visas, or the recovery of suitcases for which we had a problem and which Amro also managed! At 3 am Amro was there to welcome us and accompany us to our hotel room to make sure everything was ok! Not once during the whole stay did we feel alone or lost! Regarding the tourist guides, we had Ali and Mohamed (Momo)! We didn't know that it was possible to get so attached to people in such a short time. Ali will remain our favorite of the trip, a simple and so kind whole human person who is extremely passionate about his work! We will never forget it!!!! We also had an exceptional driver Youssef, a wonderful meeting just like Ali, a good, serious and very kind man! Our second guide Momo is also a favorite! Such a funny person, passionate about his job and so concerned about our well-being! And we never get bored with him! Halfway through the stay, we were starting to get a little tired and Momo reorganized all the activities to make it less hard! As for Amro, he kept his promise to give us a wonderful stay! only one day when he didn't call us to find out if everything was fine! until the last second he accompanied us in our steps (airport, PCR test ...) Hotels, restaurants, private guides, private cruise drivers, visits ... everything was managed by Terra trips we just had to put down our suitcases and let yourself be guided by the team! I am absolutely not a fan of organized trips, I prefer to organize everything myself, but for once it was a real revelation! And without a doubt I would use the services of Terra trips again for our next trips to Egypt, it's them and no one else! A thousand thousand thousand thanks to the whole team you made us spend an incredible unforgettable stay … we are marked forever ??Chaima and wissemTravel from October 17 to 27

  • 02-11-2021

    Romain Pierson

    Easy and responsive contact with total flexibility on the content of the trip (10 days: Cairo, Cruise and Hurghada). Perfect organization. No stress. We were taken care of as soon as the plane landed in Cairo. Amro takes news every lunchtime and is very responsive. We asked to do things not on the program and Amro was on top of that. The guides speak French very well and are very friendly. Special mention to Nadia who regaled us with information in Cairo. Brilliant experience on our part. We recommend 100%: they are responsive, professional, friendly and attentive! Romain & Laetitia

  • 02-11-2021

    Juliette Lostys

    Hello everyone, Terra Trips is a very nice agency on a human scale, far from mass tourism. Armo takes care of you, from the realization of the estimate until your return to France! The guides and drivers are very respectful, passionate and take into account your desires or your constraints. We had a wonderful trip and Terra Trips greatly participated in it. You can go there with your eyes closed.

  • 08-10-2021

    Sandra Rabineau

    We left at 6 with the agency "Terra Trips". To the concern of having chosen an Egyptian agency for this trip, we were surprised by a very good organization! As soon as we arrived, we were picked up at the airport by a Terra Trips agent for all the formalities (visa, luggage). We had guides with a high level of knowledge, perfect French and a driver in Cairo who was very good at slipping between cars!! Ali showed us around the souks of Cairo where we had tea with the Egyptians, Alexandria and its citadel as well as the most beautiful mosques with their stories. We were able to climb to the top of a minaret to discover Cairo, a panoramic view of the life of the Cairenes. Ali is inexhaustible on Saqqara and Giza and the history of his country. Youssef, our driver, made us discover a cheese… specialty of the countryside (to test especially the fermented one)!!! Ahmed in the south, revealed to us the beauties of the Nile, the felucca rides and allowed us to swim in the clear waters of the cataracts. He sent us up in the air in a hot air balloon to see the sunrise over Luxor and the Valley of the Queens…Each day, Amro, the Agency Manager, called us to make sure everything was going well. He was even kind enough to offer us a HUGE cake for Gilles' 50th birthday! We come back with a multitude of memories and photos and especially beautiful encounters with this Terra Trips team that we strongly recommend. Amro adapts your stay, duration, places… If you want to visit Egypt and share humanly, then do not hesitate. As we said on a video with Terra Trips it's the trip!!!! ;-) Eric, Sandra and their children Elias and Alexandre, Gilles and Patricia

  • 08-10-2021

    Antoine Renault

    My boyfriend and I went on vacation with the agency Terra Trips in August 2021. We chose to trust Amro to organize our trip and we were delighted !! First of all we visited Cairo and the pyramids with a great guide and a great driver (Ali and Youcef whom we thank). Ali is passionate about his job and will be able to answer all your questions without forgetting that he is very kind and attentive! Then we went to southern Egypt to continue our experience and we met Moustafa our guide. He was able to pass on his knowledge to us in a fun way and was very attentive to our needs and desires. We were delighted to spend our holidays by his side! Regarding the support of Amro, everything went extremely well during the assistance for the procedures at the airport, the reservation of hotels etc… In addition we asked to do an additional visit during our trip and Amro and Moustafa were very responsive and arranged an additional slot for us. We will end by thanking the whole team and partners (hotel, drivers etc…) of terra trips and in particular our guides and Amro for this week which will remain etched in our memories!! THANKS WE ARE EXCITED?

  • 08-10-2021

    Citizen Erased

    We finally decided to go to Egypt! Given that we were planning to leave only between girls, we hoped to find a serious agency that will supervise and accompany us throughout our stay. By searching on forums we found the agency Terra-Trips, local agency, serious and very often recommended, managed by Amro. We therefore, via their website, made a request for an "all inclusive" quote in which we listed the places and remains that we wanted to visit, our dates , our budget and other small points. Amro was very responsive (as throughout our stay), and concocted a trip for us that perfectly matched our expectations and our budget. He really took care of all the formalities, visits, internal flights, declarations etc. We just had to let ourselves be guided and appreciate the beauty of the sites of Egyptian history. We wanted to split our trip into two parts: First week "discovery" and second week "rest" in all inclusive. So we started our trip in Cairo where we were supervised by a superb guide: Ali, who accompanied us throughout our stay in the North, and we also had a private driver, Youssef. Amro had then booked our internal flight to go to Aswan, in the South where we met our very nice new guide Ahmed. Then followed a small cruise on the Nile for 3 days to reach Luxor, the last stage of our "discovery" journey before going to our Hotel "all inclusive” carefully booked by Amro, who was also: superb! During this second week we also had a Terra-Trips representative to help us and who was able to respond when we s wanted to book additional activities such as diving for example. Throughout this trip, Amro called us every day to ensure that everything was going as desired and that we had no worries. who would be a little worried about traveling to Egypt, know that you will be accompanied at all times. At the airports, we had a person with us to take care of the tickets, our suitcases and to pick us up at our arrival. In the hotels, the guides take care of our Check In and other formalities. And another small advantage: the private car which saves us a lot of time because we do not have to wait for all the passengers to be properly boarded to leave (unlike the bus). To conclude, we recommend this agency to 200%! Thanks to Amro and the whole team!

  • 08-06-2021

    Myriam Mezaguer

    10-day stay for two between Cairo and Aswan via Luxor with driver and private guide organized by the company Terra Trips. We chose this format because we don't like group visits, and the mass effect; and in this Terra Trip perfectly met our expectations.

  • 30-11-2020

    Ali Ghies

  • 31-05-2020

    Guylaine Rasin

    Stay at the end of February 2020. So many good memories! we still think about it today! and what organization! You can leave with Amro in peace: he will be there to take care of you with great kindness (how nice!!). Everything is really well organized, you are taken care of as soon as you get off the plane, we even help you to go through customs, he will do the visa for you, you can if you want to buy a telephone/internet package right away at 15 € so convenient! The choice of hotel in Cairo was impeccable, very pleasant staff, swimming pool, the taxi driver: extra! The next day the guide is there, at the reception and all the visits follow one another really well, no fatigue, the taxi always picks you up on time, no long walks to pick it up! Ali the guide takes great care, we were girls, he was able to adapt to our desires, and we did a lot of things that weren't on the program. After: the descent of the Nile for me was like in a dream, it's really magical to be on the bridge and watch the banks of the Nile pass by. All the visits were great, and the boat was brand new, very clean! When we got back, Amro was there, waiting for us at Cairo airport: we were able to debrief the trip and the next day he was still there to accompany us at the airport! I only wish you one thing: that you have as wonderful a time as we did in Egypt and it will be thanks to Amro and his team!!!

  • 30-04-2020

    mimi GAMARRA

    We had very little time to prepare our trip to Egypt, so we opted for an agency, the TERRA TRIPS agency. Quickly, thanks to the knowledge of the place of the director of the agency, Mr. Amro, we set up a circuit, corresponding well to our wishes. And we won't regret it, we can assure you that we had an extraordinary trip that kept its promises. Mr. Amro was often present, we really felt safe. We were able to visit exceptional sites with the advantage of private visits.Mr. Amro put together unforgettable tours for us, with hotels and restaurants and exemplary organization. He provided us with two guides Ali and Mohamed, who were always present and who knew how to captivate us with the stories of the history of Egypt and its archaeology. They are wells of knowledge and it's a pleasure to visit with them. They know how to adapt to our desires and answer all our questions. A thank you also for our driver who knew how to charm us with his smile and his songs. We can only recommend the Terra-trips agency and its "on-board captain" Mr. Amro. Everything was perfect, do not hesitate to entrust him with your next trip, you will not be disappointed.

  • 31-03-2020

    Christian Tremsal

    Hello, we have just returned from a 10 day trip with Terra Trips (private trip of 6 people), organized by its Director Amro for more than 6 months. the one who seemed to me the most suitable for organizing our trip. Before finalizing the circuit, Amro was very present and we communicated several times, himself calling us directly. We paid by bank transfer 50% for the trip about 3 months before and the balance 15 days before departure. Everything was organized perfectly (a person waiting for us at the airport for customs and visa formalities, management of our two domestic flights, Amro himself at the airport exit for introduce yourself and give us the last instructions before our circuit. Very good vehicles, very good drivers, very good Guides (Ali and Ahmed) with perfect punctuality. Great flexibility during the circuit to add ter things not planned, or modify some of them. Not being specialists in Ancient Egypt, the guides knew how to put themselves at our level without inundating us with explanations so as not to bore us and rather to make us benefit from the pleasure of the eyes. But for those who want very detailed explanations, the level is there. Thanks also to Ramadan and the crew of the "Nebyt" during the private 3-day cruise on the Nile, it was perfect. A plus for the chef for so many meals as varied as good, from breakfast to dinner. Too bad the Nile was cold but we bathed anyway. The country itself is perfectly secure and tourists come back. We we had the chance to take a trip against the direction of the classic TOs and visited the sites with few people except Karnak. From Marie Hélène, Gabriel, Nicolas, Alexia, Marie and Christian A BIG THANK YOU TO TERRA TRIPS AND HIS TEAM

  • 31-03-2020

    Patrick LV Bernard

    In March 2019, I had the