Frequently Asked Questions

Why visit Egypt?

First of all, it is a country that is definitely worth visiting because it has many tourist attractions, including the Nile and the pyramids near Cairo, to name a few. 

Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, the temples of Edfu, Philae and Kom ombo, to name but a few, are living witnesses of Egyptian civilization, as well as reflections or mirrors of the history of Egypt. authentic Egypt. In addition, many monuments from the Pharaonic era are still present today.

Yes, a country of truly priceless value. It is absolutely necessary to visit it if you are fond of being able to walk in the footsteps of our patriarchs who were Abraham, Moses, etc., and to be impregnated with the history of the real authentic Egypt, the history of the cradle of civilization. …our history !

Is it risky to go to Egypt?

Since 2011, Egypt has greatly strengthened its security. You don't have to be afraid of insecurity. In addition, the country is fully organized to allow you to travel serenely. So, it is not dangerous to travel to Egypt. From Alexandria to Abu Simbel, the Nile Valley, the Red Sea and the Deserts are risk free.

According to all our travelers Egypt is one of the safest countries in the world. In addition, the police are omnipresent, in all the archaeological sites, at the entrances to the hotels, and There are certain journeys that are made during a police convoy.

When is the best time to travel to Egypt?

It must be said that Christmas, for example, is not an ideal time to make your trip to Egypt, as it is so cold in the evening. However, the ideal period to visit Egypt is: February/March, as well as, October/November because during these times it is not too hot or too cold, and there are no storms either. sand.


Can I visit the same as cruise ships by car?

Contrary to popular belief, the sites visited by cruise ships on the Nile are also accessible by car. However, permission from the police is required for police roadblocks.

For those who want to travel alone, without taking the Nile cruise, the best solution remains the car with guide and driver. These guides and drivers are very professional and give good advice and know their country like the back of their hand, and it's much easier to talk about life, for example, as well as visit schedules, etc.  They can allow you to travel smoothly and safely and legally on Egyptian territory. Moreover, the army escorts for certain temples being abolished nowadays, there are however very many ''check points'' that one must respect, and again there the driver is really essential.

So, if you want to discover this magnificent country that is Egypt without a Nile cruise, it is strongly recommended to use a network car with guide and driver.

Is a visa necessary for a trip to Egypt?

Yes, you can get your visa either from an Egyptian consulate abroad or through the net, either when you arrive at Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada, Sharm el Shiekh or Marsa Alam airport, or you buy your visa on site (25$, or €16.10) from one of the bank counters located before customs, to pay in cash, stick it on your passport. Then you will go through customs.  

Attention : bank counters do not accept credit cards. For some countries, you can leave your territory with only a valid identity card. In this specific case, provide two passport photos. However, they will be requested for the affixing of the visa on a form which must be returned at the end of your stay, when you leave Egyptian territory. On the other hand, for some countries, the visa must be taken from the Egyptian consulate. in your country before you leave. Find out about deadlines and validities.

Attention : the passport is compulsory for the excursions in the western desert and in the Sinai.

However, it is necessary to provide them following documents : A passport (valid for at least eight months after the date of return) or a valid identity card for French nationals. The passport is therefore not mandatory for some countries to travel to Egypt.

What are the essentials to bring during a trip to Egypt?

Bring WARM winter / spring clothes – including clothes that can also cover the arms and legs -> if the sun is strong, this is the best protection for the legs and arms to avoid sunburn . Above all, don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap. Towels and extra items for the pool. Nylon clothes are not necessarily recommended against the heat and the sun.

Take warmer clothes with you on your trip to Egypt, especially for early morning excursions, and a jacket or sweater that can be worn over your back in the evening when the air cools. Nice and light canvas shoes for walking, or sneakers. Do not wear high heels. A small backpack (very practical for storing the sweater, sunscreen, glasses and camera).

To put in your suitcase before leaving :

  • A large anti-UV hat covers the back of the neck.
  • A shawl (protection against the sun, dust, cold (evening).
  • Sunscreen SPF50 (large quantity).
  • Sunglasses.
  • A fleece jacket for the evening (mainly on the Nile).
  • Fairly moisturizing cream (in the desert the skin will dry out quite quickly).
  • Imodium (if needed), and anti-mosque.

What can I bring to Egypt that would be useful to the people?

If you wish to please the children of the country during your trip to Egypt, during your various discoveries, they will be delighted to receive pencils or pens, writing paper, postcards with images that they do not have. 'used to see, as well as sweets ('Sugus') = various sweets wrapped or in sealed bags. 

If you have medicines that you no longer use and which have not expired, you have the possibility of taking them with you in order to offer them yourself to a small local dispensary (pharmacy) which will give them sparingly to the poor and to the needy.    


What are the other recommendations for our well-being?

Do not drink tap water or new uncapped bottles, you should not have a 'tourista' problem. As a measure of well-being, plan a medicine just in case, such as 'Imodium Lingual'.


Is it possible to take a taxi in Cairo?

Yes, but you will be drawn into long negotiations, so it is better to have the Uper application on your phone, it is safer and the price is fixed.

Can we take photos at the archaeological sites?

yes you can take pictures with a camera in open-air sites, such as temples and pyramids, but only with phones in closed sites, such as museums and tombs and without flash.

Is it advisable to visit the interior of the pyramids?

It's certainly interesting, except for claustrophobic people as the space is very small and in some pyramids you walk on all fours, and it's hot. 

What is the current situation of a trip to Egypt in the face of Covid-19?

Since July 1, international flights are resumed from and to abroad, as well as domestic flights.

A negative PCR test of less than 72 hours is mandatory on paper and not electronically for all persons arriving in Egypt. On the other hand, travelers arriving directly in Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, Taba, who do not have this test can do it at these airports.

All the archaeological sites are open to the public, as well as the seaside resorts.

How to dress when traveling to Egypt?

For men, normal clothes will do, pants, shirts, T-shirts. Shorts can also go very well, but it depends on the place, for example in the capital shorts are not very popular, as well as in restaurants and at the market.

For women, normal clothing is also acceptable. Namely shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and in some places ankle length skirts. To note : you always have to know how to choose what to wear during walks. Above all, don't forget to always cover up as much as possible and avoid wearing tight clothes. Do not forget either the headscarf in places of worship.

What are the different types of accommodation in Egypt?

Regarding non-star hotels and one and two star hotels: some are really low-end, and others are modest and authentic, they are clean and offer good service.

For the three * it is the equivalent of hotels one and two * European standards.

The four* are hotels with comfort and a swimming pool, the equivalent of European standard three* hotels.

The five* hotels are the equivalent of four* European standards.

The five* deluxe are the equivalent of five* hotels and some five* deluxe European standards.

The Nubian houses of Aswan are mostly houses that are transformed into small authentic hotels.  

Ecologists (ecological scientists) are found only in the Oases of Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga.

There is not really homestay accommodation in Egypt.


Are there any compulsory vaccinations for a trip to Egypt?

No, there is no compulsory vaccination, but if you are leaving for a long stay, it is recommended that you get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B. On the other hand, if you go off the beaten track, also add the vaccine against rabies and typhoid.

What are the 10 scams in Egypt and how to avoid them:

  1. Egyptian coins that can easily be confused with €.

The bank only accepts banknotes. So often we will hand you coins in Euro in order to exchange them for a €5 note for example, it is not forbidden but some ''cunning'' will give 1 Egyptian pound strangely resembling a €1 coin .

  1. The taxi meter is often faulty.

Haggling the cost of a taxi becomes difficult for a simple tourist who does not know the language. Unlike locals, drivers almost always refuse to put the meter on. Not earning a very good living. Moreover, you still have to bargain hard; start with 5 pounds/km, i.e. (0.25€). However, it's not much to leave them a small tip, but they will appreciate it a lot!

  1. Tipping is never enough. 

In fact, they may resent your tip of 1$; but no matter what you give them they will try to get a little more. On the other hand, don't be penniless with certain other characters (guides / temple guardian / private driver / etc.)

  1. Endless shopping stops. 

It is strongly advised to favor small local agencies, in order to spare you the big tour operators which contain one to two shopping stops per day. Moreover, it is very laborious and the costs exorbitant.

  1. Lots of hidden fees on cruise ships. 

Also, they offer very few tours as they anchor away from most places to visit, so taxis don't stop there. And you also have to pay for drinks, tips for the guide and the crew, and additional tickets. On the other hand, for luxury cruises (dahabiya, sandal) there are no hidden costs.

  1. The camel attendant who asks for his tip.

Even before you get rid of the animal and being the only one to let you down, you must therefore tip it; so plan a dollar (or 20 pounds) to give them to him.

  1. Foreign women in love with an Egyptian.

As much in love as you are, never venture to support anyone; these holiday romances too often change into catastrophic scenarios.

  1. The famous “foot in the door” technique. 

You are being presented with a gift…don't make the mistake of taking it in your hands. You want to ride a camel, categorically refuse to be forced to put a shawl on your head. You are presented with magnificent postcards, do not touch them before having first haggled over the price. A guide insists on showing you this or that place, get rid of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, absolutely nothing is ever free…it's the sad reality. Always explore ONLY (E) inside a small pyramid, do not allow anyone to accompany you there (guide or policeman).

  1. A 200 note that turns into 20.

If, after taking a taxi, you hand a 200 note to the driver and wait for your change, he will tell you with a surprised expression that you handed him a 20 note. To avoid such a thing, it is strongly advised to mention aloud the amount you donate.

  1. The tickets are held hostage.

Always take the precaution of keeping your entrance tickets during your entire visit. Give it only to real guardians in uniform in front of the entrance door to the pyramids, inside the Solar Barque or in front of the temple in front of the Sphinx. 

Is it possible to ride a Quad in Egypt?

Egypt is the country where you can do the most Quad and Buggy outings.

To begin, Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheikh are the 2 privileged places for this activity. Indeed, what could be more exciting than taking part in a thrilling quad excursion in the Egyptian desert and savoring the view of the sunset at the same time. Also it is necessary to provide a lot of water, heat obliges. Finally a Quad Safari can last up to 6 hours; and in addition you will have the opportunity to visit a very welcoming Bedouin village.

Can we organize a trip to Egypt on our own?

Certainly the organized trip remains the best choice; however, it may be difficult for some to be in the constant presence of other people, and in the latter case, we can organize your private trip just for you (friends, family or group). 

Is it possible to arrange for example any tour in Egypt with say visits to Petra and Jordan?

Yes, and you can get information from the local travel agency Terra Trips Oasis Egypt, and for an idea of the program and which will vary according to your wishes, please take a look at the circuit: Travel Egypt and Jordan.

What about restaurants and gastronomy in Egypt?

Know that Egyptian cuisine contains excellent ingredients, undoubtedly a legacy of many Middle Eastern foods. Meat, such as poultry or camel are the most common. Also, you should also know that rice is obligatory in the Egyptian gastronomic culture. Also, it is also rich in sweets, including the famous baklava. But that's not all, you will also find dishes such as Fatteh, Kofta (minced beef or lamb meatballs), Kebab, Kushari, Stuffed Pigeon, Bamia or Okra (a vegetable), Mashi, Kobeiba (very tasty dish), Kunafa (Egyptian dessert), to name a few.

Can you surf on sand in Egypt?

It's called the Great Sand Sea and know it, it's the best place in the world for sandboarding. With dunes reaching 140 meters in height (460 feet) you will be amazed by this majestic desert. This Great Sea of Sand is located near Siwa, which is an oasis in western Egypt, close to the Libyan border and 560 km from Cairo.

Are there surf beaches in Egypt?

To tell the truth, Egypt is not a favorite place for surfing. Hurghada for example would be a more suitable place for Windsurfing. On the other hand Safaga (port city) is well known among kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts, as well as for diving enthusiasts, as well as in Dahab; and one of the best places for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing in Dahab is ''Bubbles Team''. Dahab is a municipality ofEgypt located on the east coast of the peninsula of Sinai.


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