When to go on a Nile cruise?

Quand partir en croisière sur le nil ? – Actualité Egypte

A trip to Egypt gives you the opportunity to discover the curiosities of one of the greatest empires of all antiquity. Egypt is a country that is at least one million square kilometers. It must be said that it is a huge country that has many tourist attractions, including the Nile and the pyramids near Cairo, to name a few. 

Egypt is a country with a very varied climate, it is Mediterranean in the north with bearable temperatures in summer and winter. It is quite desert in the Cairo region. 

We must not forget to say that, depending on the period, in certain tourist cities such as Aswan and Luxor you can have a temperature of 40°C and more, the heat wave is there. The climate on the Nile is also variable. 

It is in this order of ideas that we will make you discover in the course of this article at what precise moment you can go on a cruise on the Nile. 


Iteru in ancient Egyptian, the Nile was at the heart of the civilization of ancient Egypt. North of Aswan, the majority of the population and all the towns of Egypt occupied the banks of the Nile. Since the Stone Age, the Nile has been the backbone of Egyptian culture. 

The drying out of the pastoral lands of Egypt formed the Sahara Desert. This was caused by climate change, and possibly by overgrazing. So, probably, around 8000, the inhabitants then presumably migrated to the river. There, they established a settled agricultural economy and a more centralized society. 

For more than thirty centuries, only feluccas sailed on the Nile of Upper Egypt. It only took fifty years for an armada of floating palaces to upset the age-old river traffic. Now let's talk about when to go on a Nile cruise. 

Quand partir en croisière sur le nil ?  en Egypte.
When to go on a Nile cruise?


When you have a project trip to egypt, it is strongly recommended that you carefully choose the period during which you will do this. Because Egypt is a country with a variable climate, in the sense that certain seasons are more conducive to a pleasant stay and in excellent conditions. 

In general, even though the Egyptian climate is hot and dry over most of the country, temperatures vary depending on the region and time of year: 


Between May and September is the hottest season. During this season, the sun raises the thermometer, in the south of the country, up to 50 degrees. And in cities such as Cairo, the heat is sweltering and is causing pollution spikes.

Autumn and winter

From the outset, it must be said that the weather is more favorable and the rain is rare, which is ideal for a cruise in due form on the Nile. 

Indeed, the autumn nights are rather mild and warm. While in winter, the temperatures cool down considerably at nightfall, particularly on the outskirts of the desert regions.


To travel to Egypt, spring is also a pleasant and favorable season. However, it should not be omitted to say that a wind from the Libyan desert often causes whirlwinds of sand. 

The best time for a Nile cruise is between November and March, and it corresponds to the high tourist season of the country. You can enjoy a pleasant stay by the Egyptian river and avoid the hot summer sun. 

Let's discover in the following title the different types of cruise on the Nile. 


There is an array of Nile cruises that are tailored to how you would like to experience your Egypt. And each choice of cruise corresponds to a specific budget. We can cite: 

All-inclusive cruise

Opt for the all-inclusive formulas, which allow you to organize your stay in Egypt in advance and enjoy it with peace of mind once there, especially if you want to spend a cruise in complete peace of mind. 

In general, accommodation on the boat is included in the formula, as well as the price of the return ticket to reach the starting point of the cruise. Likewise, full board and shore excursions organized during the different stages of the trip to Egypt are included. 

Dahabieh cruise

The first type of Nile Cruise Egypt. To be able to experience an authentic cruise as close as possible to the Egyptians, you are advised to travel the Nile in a dahabieh. It is a boat that dates from the time of the pharaohs, it has a flat bottom and two sails. 

Cruise on a 5* boat

The second type of Nile Cruise Egypt. Many travelers decide on a cruise on a 5* boat. This is an opportunity to take a trip in a luxurious setting while discovering the architectural and cultural wonders of Egypt.

Felucca cruise

The third type of the Nile Cruise Egypt. Recognized as a typical Egyptian small boat, the felucca has two sails and will give you the opportunity to experience a cruise as close as possible to the inhabitants and their culture. Also, choosing this type of trip is an excellent option for a cheap Nile cruise.

Last minute cruise

In order to make real savings, you can find last minute cruises on the Nile with very advantageous prices. It should be noted that booking at the last moment involves the risk of not finding a cruise on the dates and times that suit you. 

Let's discover to come full circle the routes you can take for a cruise on the Nile. 


We are going to give you a summary of the main routes to choose for a cruise on the Nile. We can cite: first stage Luxor, second stage From Esna to Kom Ombo and last stage Aswan.


The period from November to March is a priori the best time during which you must travel to Egypt to take a Nile cruise in the best way. A cruise you will never forget. Which will mark you for life. The trip to Egypt is mostly my expensive and the stay is generally affordable.

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