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It is as a former tourist guide in my country, with a thousand-year-old civilization, that I have been organizing trips throughout Egypt for many years. This allows me to better understand your desires for discovery and thus to seek your full satisfaction.

In particular, we want you to experience Egyptian culture and its traditions; thereby during your trip; you will be accompanied in particular by a professional English-speaking Egyptian guide. You will also enjoy autonomy and freedom during your trip.

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According to your demand, "Terra Trips Oasis Egypt» offers one or more well-detailed programs; including visits to must-see sites; and in addition, the visits to certain cities and certain sites are still virgin. 

We would of course like and would like to receive a contact from you in order to prepare "your dream trip"! "Terra Trips Oasis Egypt Travel in Egypt" has something to amaze you! So we say to you: SEE YOU SOON!

Our team


Founder of Terra Trips Oasis Egypt

Madame Nadia history teacher

Egyptologist in the service of antiquities

Ahmed great specialist in desert circuits

Great specialist in desert circuits

Ali Professor of Egyptian Antiquities

Professor of Egyptian Antiquities

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