How to dress while traveling in Egypt?

Comment s’habiller lors d’un voyage en Egypte? – Actualité Egypte

Egypt is one of the most attractive countries in the world for tourism enthusiasts. Its history dates back several millennia even before the appearance of the great civilizations (Roman, Ottoman, etc.). This country suffered many invasions during Antiquity, but eventually fell under the domination of the Arabs.

 And this is how the Arabic language became the official language of the Egyptians there (more precisely Egyptian Arabic).

According to this, Egypt is therefore a country which contains many mysteries, and arouses the curiosity of tourists. Moreover, as it is a separate country in the African continent. It also has its own traditions and customs. Without forgetting that Egypt is one of the most populated countries on the African continent.

Among other things, it welcomes several million tourists each year. Thanks to the presence of great vestiges such as the Pharaoh's pyramid, or to visit the great Nile river.

Comment s’habiller lors d’un voyage en Egypte
How to dress while traveling in Egypt

However, vacationing in the Egyptian lands and traveling to Egypt implies being in total immersion with the culture of this country. That is to say, to live trip to egypt adapting to the aspects of Egypt. Especially in terms of clothing.

Of course, if you want to know what clothes to wear for a stay in Egypt, or even during a cruise on the Nile. Then this article is for you. 

The ideal clothes for walking in the cities of Egypt

As Egypt is a country which has a very rich historical baggage. It therefore has a distinct way of life. This is also the case for its dress codes. Because we must not forget that it is a country with a Muslim culture. And who therefore respects clothing standards.

Despite this, Egypt is open to many other ways of dressing, which you will see below.

First of all, to be in total immersion with the country during your visit to Egypt, and to know how to dress during a trip to Egypt?. It is not necessarily necessary to know the population. Certainly, most people wear Muslim clothes to stay in the background.

But it is also possible to wear normal clothes, just for the holidays.

For men, normal clothes will do, pants, shirts, T-shirts. Shorts can also be fine, but it depends on the location, because for example in the capital, shorts are not very popular. As well as in restaurants or at the market.

In short, shorts are therefore acceptable in cities near the sea, which is all the more normal.

However, the dress code for women to travel to Egypt is quite different. In many cases, it is difficult to dictate the rules to follow, and yet, it is necessary to respect this dress code especially during a trip so as not to be badly seen.

So, to make the most of a visit to Egypt, normal clothes are also acceptable for women. Namely shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and in some places ankle length skirts. Note that you have to know how to choose what to wear during walks.

But don't forget to always cover up and avoid wearing tight clothes.

This also applies when going out to local restaurants, do not hesitate to wear long-sleeved clothes, especially in winter. At night, it is colder in Egypt, so short night walks should be accompanied by more covered clothing.

In terms of shoes, it would be better to wear more solid shoes. Tennis, sneakers, court shoes or others, because the terrain is quite desert.

With mud puddles, dust and desert sands, wearing sandals and other heels can be unpleasant.

Comment s’habiller lors d’un voyage en Egypte
How to dress while traveling in Egypt

Appropriate clothing when visiting a mosque in Egypt

Knowing that Egypt is a Muslim country, mosques are therefore part of their cultural heritage, and are visited by most tourists.  

As tourists, it is therefore necessary to know the rules to follow in order to integrate well into Egyptian culture during a stay. 

The first thing to avoid is wearing extravagant clothes in the vicinity of a mosque. Women must wear more covered clothes before accessing it. 

Moreover, even before entering the premises, some mosques offer clothes to cover themselves from view. This means that normal clothes are welcome in the places: pants, shirt, and especially a shawl for women.

Then, the most important thing during a visit to a mosque in Egypt is the choice of shoes. Like the local population, tourists too will have to remove their shoes before entering a mosque. Whether for a simple visit, or to pray. 

Thus, in order not to waste time in front of the entrance to a mosque, you must not forget to wear shoes that are easy to remove. Once inside, shoe covers can be offered so as not to dirty your socks.

Clothes to wear in hot weather in Egypt

Egypt is a country where the heat prevails during almost all the year. If you are thinking of going on a trip to Egypt during the heat period, you must be prepared to bring specific clothes. It is necessary that during the stay, the clothes you wear are able to offer lightness and ease to be able to continue visiting monuments and tourist sites. 

So to start with, for clothing for the upper body, it would be preferable to have very comfortable t-shirts, and short-sleeved shirts. Tank tops are not advisable in this country, due to Egypt's conservative dress code, so always obey this code. 

With these clothes, it will be easier to spend long days of sightseeing in the sun, while staying in a good mood.

Then, on the side of the lower body, the capri pants are ideal clothes to be comfortable during outings. It protects your bottom from the sun's rays and offers comfort. However, shorts are also a must-have option except on the streets of Egyptian cities.

Apart from cropped pants, the best choice of bottom garment is light pants. Note that it is always necessary to remain in the types of non-conventional clothes for women. That is, no low-cut and extravagant outfits, shorts are not so popular for women.

Clothes to wear for a stay in cold weather in Egypt

The cold period is not very frequent in Egypt. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of traveling to Egypt and visiting this country during its cold period, you will therefore have to think about equipping yourself with warm clothes. It is notably colder in Egypt, especially during the evenings.

So, if you want to spend a pleasant evening outside, don't forget to wear a fleece jacket or a warm jacket. 

During your expeditions in the desert, the temperature drops to the lowest at nightfall. So don't hesitate to wear light pants and long-sleeved shirts, as well as wool for sleeping. With these accessories, you can resist the heat of the desert during the day, and sleep warm at night.

In addition, mosquito repellent fabrics will be very useful for a good night's sleep, as mosquitoes are present in large numbers in the country. 

Clothes to wear on a Nile cruise

The Nile, the longest river in Africa is one of the most visited tourist sites in Egypt. During your holidays in Egypt, go to Nile cruise is one of the essentials of this country. Therefore, to travel in Egypt you have to make the most of this trip aboard a boat, without being disturbed.

For this to be achievable, the way of dressing is also essential. Because we must not forget to respect Egyptian culture. While feeling comfortable with temperature changes.

So for this time, the temperature can be very high on board the boat. This means that light clothing, but which respects the Egyptian dress code, can be worn (shorts, t-shirts). However, when visiting the restaurant in the evening, shorts are not recommended. An outfit following the standards can do the trick (trousers and shirt for men and women). 

As night falls, the temperature on board the boat can drop and you will feel the cold very quickly. Following this, do not forget to bring a woolen jacket or a jacket to warm up during the night cruise on the Nile.

To conclude, egypt is a country with many archaeological riches. Lovers of ancient tourism and Egyptian culture will find their happiness there for sure.

On the other hand, to travel to Egypt and have a wonderful stay, integration into the Egyptian way of life would be a favorable asset. This is why we must respect their way of dressing, their culture and their tradition.

By following their dress code, you will be in total immersion with the country during your vacation. Moreover, going on a Nile cruise will be a sensational experience that should not be missed. In short, the most important thing is to always wear adequate clothing during your tourist visits and outings.

Hope this information can give you an idea how to dress while traveling in Egypt?

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