How to travel alone in Egypt

Comment voyager seul en Egypte – Actualité Egypte

Egypt is a country in North Africa which has many tourist sites. It is one of the most visited countries by tourists on the African continent, in particular because of its undeniable cultural richness: the pyramids, the Nile, etc. It is possible to travel to Egypt alone or accompanied, that is to say in a group. But in the course of this article we will mainly show you how to travel alone in Egypt. 


Egypt is the third most populous country in Africa with nearly 105 million inhabitants in 2020. It is a country in very strong growth, because in sixty, its population has quadrupled. 

Egypt is an Arab country located in Northeast Africa and, for the Sinai Peninsula, in West Asia. The Levantine basin, present-day Egypt, is located on the southern coast of the eastern Mediterranean and occupies the geographical space that was formerly that of ancient Egypt. Its currency is the Egyptian pound and its capital is Cairo. Arabic is the official language used in education and in all documents of the country.

Current Egypt has many pyramids dating from ancient egypt. These represent a gigantic cultural heritage for the country, and attract many tourists. It should not be forgotten to say that Egypt offers you beautiful beaches of the Red Sea, passing by a cruise on the Nile. 

And you can and do have the opportunity to experience all of these on a solo trip to Egypt. Let's discuss in the next title 4 essential things you need to know before traveling alone in Egypt. 


How to travel alone in Egypt

Here are the four things you need to know: 

1-Declare when you want to make long trips 

Because of checkpoints everywhere, you cannot drive out of a city without prior permission. Thus, the latter is necessary if you want to travel by car. 

For this, you are advised, when traveling alone, to prepare plenty of copies of your passport to give to your agency/driver. On the eve of each car trip, your agency/driver will use it to request authorizations. On the other hand, if you travel by plane, you do not need permission. 

2-The ideal times to travel alone in Egypt 

It must be said that Christmas, for example, is not an ideal time to travel alone in Egypt. Because it's so cold at night. Thus, the ideal periods to visit Egypt are: February/March and October/November because during these times, it is neither too hot nor too cold. There are also no sandstorms.

3-The visit of Lake Nasser

Except for Abu Simbel which is accessible by car or plane, visits by Lake Nasser cruises are only possible by boat. It should be noted that cruises on Lake Nasser are carried out with large boats or, more recently, dahabeyas. You are strongly advised not to jump from the bridge, as there are crocodiles in Lake Nasser. 

4-The possibility of visiting the same as cruise ships by car.

Contrary to popular belief, the sites visited by Nile cruise ships are also accessible by car. However, we must not forget to say that some stops served by sailboats are painfully accessible by car. Let's discover in the following lines how to travel alone in Egypt.


Since 2011, Egypt has greatly strengthened its security. You don't have to be afraid of insecurity if you are traveling alone. However, there are just a few recommendations on how to dress, which are best to follow. The country is fully organized to allow you to travel serenely. So, it is not dangerous to travel alone in Egypt. 

However, when you are alone, avoid going too far from tourist spots. Likewise, it is recommended that you seek advice on the essential things to do and see. To do this, and preferably, prepare your trip with experts. Because the latter are the best people who will guide you and help you not to forget any of the country's treasures. 


So, what are you waiting for to travel alone in Egypt to discover the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, which are emblematic and symbolize the power and the greatness of ancient Egypt? Also, the famous temple of Abu Simbel and its fabulous rescue story, not forgetting the wonders of the Red Sea to discover by diving and the unique cruise on the Nile and Lake Nasser, etc.

How to travel alone in Egypt.

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