Madame Nadia history teacher

Madame Nadia history teacher

Egyptologist in the service of antiquities

I end with the most important part of the trip: the choice of the guide. While we were treated to a guide in French and several guides in English, because we did not all have the same native language. So I will talk about the guide in French because I was one of the French speakers. She was obviously truly exceptional. It was an Egyptologist in her sixties, a former professor at the Faculty of Cairo.

In fact, in impeccable French, she made us discover ancient egypt and contemporary. So thanks to his immense knowledge. Moreover, we were far from the guides who are content to recite a learned text without passion. On the contrary, she knew how to captivate us with a thousand and one stories that made us appreciate each visit even more. So, we saw the other groups quickly visit the temples with some brief explanations. In addition, our guide took us to the corners, to see the most delicious details of each site, to give us the possibility of imagining the life of the Egyptians several millennia ago.

I recommend that you choose your guide carefully if you plan to go to Egypt. I think that determines a trip! And I can only advise you to ask Ms. Nadia if you are traveling with Terra-Trips. Exciting and passionate!

Egypt For nearly three millennia, the Nile Valley saw one of the most brilliant civilizations in history prosper. The invention of an original writing in the form of syllabic ideograms, the hieroglyphs, shortly after the appearance of cuneiform in Mesopotamia around -3300, contributes to bringing the human species out of prehistory. The Egypt of pharaohs was thus able to flourish widely to reach its peak in the 13the century before our era, leaving a monumental work of world heritage.

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