Ali Professor of Egyptian Antiquities


Professor of Egyptian Antiquities

Former Inspector of Antiquities and Director of the Antiquities Department Recovered. He was the head of archaeological missions during several excavations in Middle Egypt; this is how he specialized in life in the Deir el-Medina : village of craftsmen. Thus he participated in many archaeological excavations.

Many of our past visitors/customers know him well. Currently professor and executive at the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Equipped with diplomas and theses in Egyptology and archeology, lecturer in Europe and the Arab world, regularly participates in major conferences on the preservation of world heritage.

Excerpt from a testimonial:

“Amro responded to our request with a program adapted to our wishes. Also we were supervised in particular by an "outstanding" guide! So we were able to enjoy these 11 days of discoveries, without worrying about stewardship. From the first to the last day, present by our side, Ali, astonishing by his knowledge and his reading of hieroglyphics, took us with enthusiasm in his stories, reinforcing the emotion felt when visiting the sites.”

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