Walid and Mina professional guides

Walid and Mina

Professional guides

Some excerpts from various testimonials about our professional guides Walid and Mina:

First of all amro guided us for 2 days in Cairo, then, Walid, a dynamic young guide accompanied us for the rest of our circuit. They are both extremely qualified, attentive, present without being intrusive, and friendly.

I will end by thanking Wallid and Mina for their kindness, their knowledge and their great flexibility. My parents loved these guides who made them discover the grandeur of their country, Egypt. Moreover, they are really specialists in Egyptology in addition to being fascinating. In addition, whenever my father felt the need, he was able to take a break. Everyone took care of themselves.

We had 2 guides, one for Upper Egypt, although he also followed us on the cruise ship for 3 days, and another for Cairo and Al-Fayoum. In fact both were French speaking, and very helpful.

Special mention for our two French-speaking guides, Wallid and Mina, who did a great job. Wallid accompanied us to Cairo and its surroundings (Pyramids of Sakkarah and Giza), and Mina for her part, accompanied us during the cruise and the visits (Aswan, Kom Ombo, Luxor, Karnak, Valley of the Kings and I forget).

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