Founder of Terra Trips Oasis Egypt

Over 25 years of experience asEgyptologistspecialist in tailor-made tours for small groups, off the beaten track. Following numerous studies, diplomas and theses in Egypt, Amro became a consultant for many documentaries. He has the official Tourist Guide License, issued by the General Directorate of Guides of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. He is also a member of the General Syndicate of Tourist Guides.

– Amro is a guide of high quality and flawless culture. In fact we found Egypt thanks to a tailor-made course of 15 days and which Amro knew how to make as pleasant as possible. So he accompanied us on the whole trip, knowing how to meet our expectations at all times. Congratulations again to this wonderful guide. We will definitely call on him when we return to Egypt.

 – Also we had an appointment with a guide; so like everyone else I thought: “quickly done well”. With Amro, the current immediately passed; rather than following the horde of tourists, he took us aside and, following only his passion, he showed us all the things that are not usual, so he made us discover a lot of things that few people have seen on the same sites. Afterwards, a meal was planned in a restaurant, which is also a meeting place for these organizations; I asked him to take us to a typical restaurant and eat something other than the usual menu for tourists; he unearthed us a little frequented place and whose flavors had no equal.

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