Middle Egypt

It is also one of the regions which makes you discover Varie Egypt 'authentic Egypt', spared from mass tourism, Middle Egypt is the modern name of the part of Egypt, which extends, approximately and from south to north, from the present city of Qena (Dendera), to the south of Fayoum. Have: Touna el Djebel, the tombs of Beni Hassan, the Monastery of the Mountain of the Birds (Djebel el Teir), Tel Amarna, the temples of Dendera and Abydos.

Travel to Middle Egypt and the hidden treasures

11 days
Availability : April 16 - April 26
5.0 from 66 reviewsRatings and reviews5.0 from 66 reviews2023-05-14Stéphane PlassatA superb trip, organized to the top. I had wanted to see Egypt for 25 years, and well I was spoiled. The team is very available and friendly, everything is well organized from start to finish, the visits are magnificent, as are the […]
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