Siwa oasis I Claire and Bernard Pitie October 2009

Dear Amro,

Here we are back in our familiar universe. And we would like to testify on your site to the quality of the trip we made thanks to you.

The first contacts by Internet were excellent. You showed great responsiveness, and we had the choice between two private circuits; we finally opted for a 14-day circuit starting from Cairo, then Alexandria, Siwa oasis, Luxor, to return to Cairo. We would like to point out that we had had two quotes drawn up by two agencies established in France for the same circuit, the same hotels, the same conditions: private circuit for two with driver and guide. Amro has been largely competitive. 

Siwa oasis I Claire et Bernard Pitie Octobre 2009

There were no payment surprises and Amro was always completely honest and transparent.

As soon as we arrived in Cairo, we knew that the choice was good; Amro and the driver have always been perfectly punctual (which is a feat when you see the automobile chaos in the capital!); Amro has always shown himself to be available, adaptable (you have to when you spend 14 days together!), in a good mood, showing evidence of culture and a great open-mindedness. We were able to address a multitude of subjects, without any language of wood. He also gave us some moving surprises: I won't reveal them here because they wouldn't be surprises anymore!!!

We wanted amazing hotels, we were not disappointed there either. In short, we warmly recommend Terra Trips, your trip will not be for everyone.

Our friendships to Egypt and its inhabitants.

Siwa oasis I Claire and Bernard Pitie October 2009: Oasis Siwa, Cairo and Luxor.

Siwa Oasis

Located 300 km south-west of Marsa-Matrouh. It is the northernmost of the five great oases of the Libyan desert. Inhabited by descendants of the Berbers, the Siwis. In fact, the oasis stands apart in Egypt. Here, we speak Siwie, a dialect completely different from Arabic. To see: Shali, the old town of Siwa, the gebel El-Mawta or the mountain of Mor, the lakes heard and the Sea of Sand. Moreover, Siwa Oasis is one of the preferable destinations for anyone wishing to take their trip to Egypt off the beaten track.

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