Excursions to Alexandria from Cairo I Gisèle Hagmann September 2009

I had the pleasure of making an excursion with Mr. Amro to Wadi el-Natrum, where we visited the Coptic monasteries as well as the city of Alexandria with its magnificent Library, its old port, etc. In addition, the tasting of its delicious fish in a typical restaurant..

Excursions Alexandrie depuis le Caire I Gisèle Hagmann Septembre 2009
Alexandria Tours from Cairo

his explanations were very interesting and the whole excursion was well organized, thank you again for this wonderful day. 

Alexandria Day Trips From Cairo I Gisèle Hagmann September 2009: One-day excursions to Alexandria from Cairo.

Capital of Egypt, is the most populated city in Africa. Teeming. You will quickly become attached to it. Cairo is also traveled for the wonders it possesses. For example the Egyptian Museum, the pyramids of Gizeh. Also the alleys of Islamic Cairo, the pyramids and tombs (mastabas) of Saqqara, the Old City and Christian Cairo… an induction into Egyptian culture, ancestral and modern. A trip to Egypt will be noticed by the visit to Cairo. 


Second city of Egypt, less touristy. Alexandria is also not considered an Arab city. It is above all a Mediterranean city. Moreover, which draws its roots and its true richness from a mosaic of cultures. While renowned for its Greco-Roman monuments, such as the amphitheater of Kom el Dikka. Also the Citadel of Qaitbay, the ancient city and the Library of Alexandria, many of our visitors like to make their trip to Egypt including the visit of Alexandria. 

Siwa Oasis

Located 300 km south-west of Marsa-Matrouh. It is the northernmost of the five great oases of the Libyan desert. Inhabited by descendants of the Berbers, the Siwis. In fact, the oasis stands apart in Egypt. Here, we speak Siwie, a dialect completely different from Arabic. To see: Shali, the old town of Siwa, the gebel El-Mawta or the mountain of Mor, the lakes heard and the Sea of Sand. Moreover, Siwa Oasis is one of the preferable destinations for anyone wishing to take their trip to Egypt off the beaten track.

Alexandria Tours from Cairo I Gisèle Hagmann September 2009.

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