Stay in Egypt I Martine and Guy Abrassart October 2016


I come to tell you about my experience with the Terra Trips agency.
For the 70th birthday of my dad, me and my brothers and sisters. Whereas, we wanted to give an unforgettable gift to our parents.

First of all, the idea of traveling in Egypt has been an evidence and the continuation also…
After coming here on the backpacker's guide forum, I heard about several Egyptian tour operators. Terra Trips caught my eye and was very responsive from my first email.

Mr. Amro Terra is a serious, clear-sighted person (he immediately understood what I wanted). Also very available and very attentive. In fact, from start to finish. So he listened to each of our requests and reassured us about each of our doubts.

However, we wanted a trip to Egypt that combined history and authenticity. Therefore, Mr. Terra offered me a turnkey trip “Ancient and authentic Egypt”.

While 10 days which allowed to discover Karnak, Luxor, Kom Ombo, 3 days of cruises on the Nile, Aswan Then, Cairo, the pyramids of Giza, The oasis of El Fayoum.

In addition, and other wonders (see their website) etc. at our request, visits have been added. In particular a magical evening of discovery of a whirling dervish show or the quarry where the unfinished obelisk is located...

We were obviously afraid of terrorism, afraid of the heat, of mosquitoes, afraid because my dad's health is fragile. Although, Mr. Terra reassured me and I was right to trust him. In fact, my parents had, in their words, “the best trip of their lives”.

On the other hand, we had to make a deposit by bank transfer. Then the rest of the trip was paid in cash on the spot. You can trust this agency with your eyes closed.

So my parents left at the end of October and everything went very well. They obviously had an excellent contact with Mr Terra but also with all his team. They were taken care of from their arrival on Egyptian soil until their departure.

The Terra Trips agency was there to help them in their administrative process and followed them, at my request, throughout the trip, while being discreet but available.

My parents loved the guides who made them discover the grandeur of their country. They are really specialists in Egyptology and fascinating. And as soon as my father felt the need, he was able to take a break. Everyone took care of themselves.

The hotels selected by the agency were luxurious, the magic cruise ship. The country is magnificent… In short, nothing to complain about… “perfection” according to my dad.

My parents found the Egyptians very warm. The sun was out. And at no time did they fear for their safety.

In fact the only downside was the traffic in Cairo and the fact that Cairo is a pretty dirty city which is a shame because it conceals architectural treasures. Two anecdotal details since everything else was splendid.

My dad, who had already read a lot and leafed through books on this country, told me “you can't imagine, when you look at a photo, how big it is, how beautiful it is and the atmosphere of the place is unique” .

I warmly thank the Terra Trips agency for the unforgettable trip and the happiness of my parents. I was so right to trust them and not listen to my fears.

My parents are already talking about leaving, as soon as possible, with Terra, on another circuit. For my part, now, I too dream of discovering Egypt in such good company. Thank you Terra Trips!

l’expression de mes sentiments les meilleurs de notre Séjour en Égypte
Stay in Egypt

Dear Mr Amro,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the happiness you have given us during I believe that there is only one word to describe your organization: PERFECT. 

First of all, as soon as we arrived at Cairo airport, we were immediately taken care of by the representative of your agency who helped us to complete all the formalities.

Also the program that had been prepared was perfectly respected; no surprises. 

No extras other than what we requested. Your agency's motto: “we're here to make you happy” isn't just words, it's the truth.

In addition, the two guides you made available to us, Mr. Wallid for Lower Egypt and Mr. Mina for Upper Egypt were both very competent, knowing their subjects very well, speaking impeccable French, helpful and very courteous.

Nothing, impossible to blame them for anything. No questions were left unanswered and the explanations were crystal clear. Also the Nile cruise was a delight.

In fact, I have rarely seen such beautiful landscapes in my life. Feluccas, small motorboats, everything was marvelous and we had the feeling of living exceptional hours. 

All this in absolute security, we never had any feelings of anxiety. Egypt is a calm country where tourists are welcomed by Egyptians with great kindness and smiles.

In Edfu, without wanting to, I bumped into a gentleman who got angry although I apologized; he was not an Egyptian, he was an Italian. Egyptians are too polite to have such an attitude.

Thank you also for directing us to quality shops where we bought souvenirs and jewelry that delight our children.

Dear Mr. Amro, what more can I say? I can't find the words, to what is perfect, nothing can be added or taken away.

My wife Martine and I have only one wish, to return to Egypt with your agency. 

I wholeheartedly recommend it to my friends and anyone who reads me. It is obvious that if you want to publish my opinion on your site, I completely agree, I only said the truth.

Please accept, Dear Mr. Amro, my wife Martine's greetings and the expression of my best feelings.

Our stay in Egypt from October 20 to 29, 2016.

Gaelle Abrassart.

Stay in Egypt I Martine and Guy Abrassart October 2016: Cairo, Fayoum and Nile Cruise 5*.

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