Organized trip to Egypt I Carine & Pascal Vaslin November 2016


We have just returned my husband and I from an 8 day tour in Egypt.

We were hesitating between 2 local agencies. Finally, it is finally towards Terra Trips (recommended on the backpacker's blog) that we left. In fact, Amro, the director of the agency is the ideal contact to organize very easily. A tailor-made trip to Egypt. So we are not disappointed. In addition, our individual circuit went perfectly. 

First, support by the agency right out of the plane. This saved us a lot of time. Above all to obtain the visa and customs clearance. Then, we are immediately put in confidence. By Amro's friendliness and desire to do well. 

In conclusion . The stay will be just perfect. For our vorganized trip to Egypt. From Cairo to Abu Simbel, we fell in love with the Nile. Whereas, dozens of temples in an incredible state of preservation. Also the big thrill. When we are alone to visit a tomb discovered a few weeks earlier (Indiana Jones atmosphere!). Also the discovery of the pyramids on the back of a dromedary. (Also the best way to take the most beautiful photos of the pyramids). Then, the incredible beauty of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings (wow guaranteed!).

In addition, the unknown but superb valley of the queens. Also, that we the only ones to visit. Also, Luxor temple at night (magical). The “Agatha Christien” charm of cruising on the Nile. (I know, it is not said but I have not found a better qualifier). Without forgetting the fabulous temple of Abu Simbel (wow too!).  

The interest of going through Terra Trips. Is that they made us discover, in addition to the great classics. Monuments very little frequented by tour operators. Because impossible to access for a large group. (Like some tombs) or just a bit further away. Like the Valley of the Queens. 

Voyage organisé l'Égypte . Du Caire à Abu Simbel
Organized trip to Egypt 

Unfortunately for the Egyptians. The sites are very little frequented, even deserted. We spent over 20 minutes. Alone in front of and in the Abu Simbel temple. The magic of the sites is increased tenfold and the photos a little more authentic. Without the Japanese girls dressed up as Hello kitty princesses in the middle!.

Difficult to leave an opinion without mentioning the sensitive subject of the safety of tourists. Thanks to an omnipresence of the police. Also from the army at no time did we feel insecure. I will end by thanking the guides , Wallid and Mina. For their kindness. Also, their knowledge, their great flexibility … And their valuable advice to escape the sellers of tourist stalls.

Organized trip to Egypt I Carine & Pascal Vaslin November 2016 – Cairo, Nile Cruise and Abu Simbel.

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