Stay in Egypt I Henry-Michel Tur and the family August 2009

Here are our comments on our stay in Egypt. For several years, when we asked our 3 children what distant destination. They would like to discover, egypt consistently came out on top. Thus, in July 2008, we began to look for a trip corresponding to our expectations. 

Quickly, we realized that our expectations were not the same within the family. And that almost all of the "Tour Operators" responded only partially... or completely, but at exorbitant prices!

To sum up: my wife did not want to spend a week cruising on the Nile, my daughter wanted to favor the Red Sea, the boys wanted to see the pyramids, I wanted to see Abu Simbel, etc… After long and fruitless research. I found Amro's website and contacted him by email (not too bad, I must say).

Séjour Égypte I Henry-Michel Tur et la famille Août 2009
Egypt stay

Within 24 hours, Amro had answered me in perfect French. With a proposal not only close to my request but also within a reasonable budget. Pleasantly surprised, however, I continued my research for several weeks.

While maintaining regular contact with Amro to refine the service. Before deciding, we carefully assessed the risk we were taking by going through an independent contractor. Having no office in France, and to whom we had to send 50% of the price of the trip before even setting foot in Egypt.

The quality of the exchanges that we had had by email with Amro gave me confidence and I finally took the plunge by confirming our trip in February 2009. The payment of the deposit by the "Klik & Pay" system was perfectly unfolded.

We did not regret our choice. Amro was present from Cairo airport and accompanied us throughout our journey (except for the few days of idleness on the Red Sea). He made us discover his country with passion by enlightening us both on the historical aspects of the sites we visited.

As well by sharing with us the habits and customs of his contemporaries. He organized everything so that our discovery of ancient Egypt was very complete. While leaving us time alone with the family each time. In order to savor a few moments in thousand-year-old temples or in the middle of an overcrowded souk.

I particularly remember the restaurant in Memphis where the Egyptians celebrated. Also waiting for the sleeper train to Aswan on the Giza station platform. 

Thus the "Egyptian pizzas" shared in the minibus on the road to Abu Simbel. The swimming pool of the Seti hotel, the rise of the dune on the bank of the Nile in Aswan. Also the visit of the temple of Luxor in the evening. Although our discussions of getting married in Egypt in the minibus that took us through the Arabian desert to Makadi, etc.

We returned to France at the end of our organized trip to Egypt with the feeling that we had experienced something exceptional. For all these wonderful moments spent with the family: thank you Amro!

Egypt stay I Henry-Michel Tur and the family August 2009 – Cairo and Nile and Red Sea Cruise.

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