Excursion Egypt White Desert I Fati Oriental Dance October 2018


We spent 2 days in the desert with bivouac in the white desert for the second time with Terra Trips. The organization at the top; effective and adorable companions.

An unforgettable stay. Many thanks to Amro and Ali from Terra-Trips Oasis Egypt.

Excursion Egypte le Désert Blanc I Fati Dance Orientale Octobre 2018
Egypt White Desert Tour

Bahariya Oasis

This is an opportunity to make an unforgettable excursion. On foot, by camel or by 4X4. However, you are guaranteed to cross spectacular landscapes. So with rocks in the shape of mushrooms, birds and animals. In fact, during your trip to This setting will make you happy in search of breathtaking panoramas. It is the vestige of a time during which this area was located under the sea. Nearby, a black desert of volcanic origin, the Crystal Mountain.

Have you ever visited Egypt, where is this your first discovery? You like to visit the unmissable sites, the pyramids of Giza etc.…and at the same time discover Egypt in a different way. For example (the Nile Delta, Middle Egypt, the White Desert, Oasis Al Fayoum with a night in a bivouac, Oasis Siwa, etc…)? . Do you like to discover the typical souks, as well as the life of the local peasants, and even?. So here are some ideas for a trip to Egypt off the beaten track, which are made for you…

Take your trip to Egypt off the beaten track off the usual tourist routes. This is how you discover the rural heart of the country criss-crossed by irrigation canals, green and picturesque landscapes. Take a short detour to the Coptic monasteries of Wadi Natrun, surrounded by a desert landscape and decorated with superb frescoes.

These circuits of travel in Egypt off the beaten track have been planned for accompanied children as well as for adults, we think of the future generation and hope that they too will discover our country and its ancestral history.

Excursion Egypt the White Desert I Fati Oriental Dance October 2018.