Egypt Stay I Michèle and Gilbert Nicoud and friends February 2010

Hello Amro,

We don't want to wait any longer after our second trip to Egypt, to your beautiful country. Also to tell you how happy we were to come back.

Last year at the same time you took us on a tour of the Nile Valley, Abu-Simbel, the Valley of the Kings. Then, this year Ali took us to Middle Egypt, the Oases and the White Desert. ! This is how we bivouacked one night in the desert.

For me, it was a First… it was an “Unforgettable Adventure”!. In addition, the kindness and cooking skills of the 4×4 drivers. Also, their dexterity behind the wheel on the tracks and on the dunes….In fact, we were in total confidence!

Égypte Séjour I Michèle et Gilbert Nicoud et le amis Février 2010
Egypt Stay

Amro, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your organization, it couldn't be better. So we keep a fabulous memory of this second trip, as was the case last year.

We intend to return next year to discover the Sinai. I ask you to thank Ali on our behalf, for his kindness, his excellent Egyptian knowledge, his availability, his humor and his good humor.

I kiss you both and according to custom. So we say to you “See you soon! – Michele & Gilbert


Hello Amro and Ali,

Now that we have resumed our usual occupation. We want to say a big thank you for organizing this wonderful trip to the oases. We discovered wonderful landscapes, endearing people and very touching children. The 4×4 and minibus drivers were professional and full of attention towards these Europeans lost in the vastness of the desert…. Without forgetting the cooks the families who received us in their house and garden for lunch…

However, we are full of magnificent images of these days spent in the oases, in the desert, whether black or white. A very big thank you to ALI who by his breathtaking knowledge in all areas relating to your country. Moreover, both in ancient and modern history, for his permanent good humor. As well as his great availability, he made us understand how your beautiful country works. As a result, we will forever remember these unforgettable days spent in these wonderful regions.

With all our friendship to both of you.

The two sisters, Yvette and Denise


It is with pleasure that I join the comments of the two sisters and of Michèle and Gilbert about our trip to the oases.

Furthermore, I would like to warmly thank Amro for entrusting us to your guide Ali who shared with us his love for his country with great sensitivity. So we enjoyed it very much. For my taste there were a little too many kilometers, but we knew it and I learned a lot.

So see you next year maybe in Sinai!.

With all my friendship.

Egypt Stay I Michèle and Gilbert Nicoud, Yvette and Denise, Hanne Halbmeyer February 2010: The Egyptian Oases and Middle Egypt.

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