Nile cruise in Egypt I Marc Vercruysse and Charles February 2010

Croisière sur le Nil en Egypte I Marc Vercruysse et Charles Février 2010

Dear Amro,

Here we are, well and truly arrived. Time is not the same. There is a slight difference of 30°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Many thanks for having organized us so well, in particular this superb trip to the ccruise on the Nile in Egypt, although for the choices of boats and hotels, for the support by your kind collaborators from the beginning to the end of our trip. The guides are also very good. So with a few more weeks and we could read the sacred texts of the temples.

We know that you do more than you need to do and this is the plus point of your agency. In short, we can only recommend you to whoever wants to hear it and they will realize their dreams!!!!. Dear Amro see you very soon for the next trip and thank you for your kindness,


Just a quick note to compliment Mr Amro's Terra-Trips agency. In fact, the 2 trips organized by the agency were obviously a great success each time.

In addition to AZ, thanks to the guides (all of great kindness and bearers of cultural knowledge).

Moreover the choice of hotels, boats… given that the last trip on a dahabeya, everything is to be recommended…

To conclude, a big thank you to Amro for his generosity and efficiency!

Good for you,

Marc & Charles and the mothers 2010

Hello everyone,

After several trips to Egypt we can say that the Terra-Trips agency has our full confidence at all levels, the efficiency of the organization, the kindness of Amro, his programs..
ect….don't hesitate to choose for Terra-Trips, we are like roosters.
We wish for Egypt a future blessed by the gods!!

Cruise on the Nile in Egypt I Marc Vercruysse and Charles February 2010 – Cruise on the Nile in a dahabeya February 2010. 

The temples of Abu Simbel

Are two carved into the rock, north of Lake Nasser, on the Nile, about 70 kilometers from the second cataract. Visiting the temples of Abu Simbel during your trip to Egypt will be unforgettable.

Built by the pharaoh Ramesses II, circa 1260 BC. BC to commemorate his victory at the battle of Kadesh, they were intended for his worship as well as that of egyptian gods and his wife Nefertari. Ramses II launched the construction site at the beginning of his reign, the temples had to satisfy the gods, ensure the food security of his subjects thanks to the good cycle of the floods of the Nile.

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