Luxury Nile cruise I Julie and Julien Vergeot December 2018

We left for 8 days with the Terra trip agency in January 2019. Amro.

Our 2 guides and the drivers were very friendly. 

They allowed us to see most of the wonders ofEgypt in 8 days. The program was intense (a little tiring) but that's what we wanted. All the visits followed one another well, we just had to let ourselves be carried away. Being in a small group with our private guide was really nice. 

We always felt safe. A very nice experience… thank you.

Croisière sur le Nil de luxe I Julie et Julien Vergeot Décembre 2018
Luxury Nile Cruise

Have you ever had the opportunity at least once in your life to take this magnificent sea route that is this symbolic river of Egypt? The Nile Cruise is well worth the detour, believe it! While navigating in the comfort of your luxury boat, you will make magnificent discoveries on each side (left bank and right bank).

A truly memorable experience for all visitors to our beautiful country, where you will visit the most important temples of Egypt. . This cruise will delight you with so many ancient and authentic things to admire. You will soak up the picturesque nature of this great country; thus of these places where lived the Egyptians of the pharaonic time.  

It will transport you to the ancient territory of the Pharaohs. You will cross cities whose names never cease to make the West dream, cities like: Edfu, Kom Ombo, the East Bank and the West Bank of Luxor, and Aswan, to name a few. Our "Cruise on the Nile" combines compliance with hygiene measures, comfort and excellent service.

The invitation is extended to you! So don't miss this wonderful opportunity, which is also a huge privilege. Experience a “sublime” 5-star luxury Nile cruise in Egypt. Also think of all those unforgettable memories that you will share with your loved ones and friends. They will salivate!

Luxury Nile cruise I Julie and Julien Vergeot December 2018: Cairo and Luxury Nile Cruise.