Nile luxury cruise I Ornella and Alain Thebault December 2018

We left with my wife in Egypt for 8 days with Terra Trips agency for new year 2018/2019. We spent 2 days in Cairo. Then plane to Aswan for a 3-day luxury cruise on the Nile (Aswan – Edfu – Luxor). Then one night in Luxor and return by plane to Cairo for a last day. We hesitated for a long time before choosing this agency. The result was overall very good. And the rates are competitive compared to those offered by French agencies. The program is optimized in relation to your departure and arrival flight and your desires. However, the stay is very (too) intense to take advantage of all the visits in 8 days. The +:

  • Personalized and shared program from the start of the trip
  • Flexibility of the agency in relation to unforeseen events (delay of our return plane. And attack on the day of our arrival which forced us to reverse the 2-day program)
  • The fluidity of travel. We let ourselves be guided by our guides who manage the visits. Tips, shuttles between sites.
  • The small group trip (we are 2 couples the whole stay except the first day when we are alone)
  • Some nice unexpected surprises like the felucca ride on the Nile
Croisière luxe Nil I Le résultat était dans l’ensemble très bien et les tarifs sont compétitifs
Luxury Nile Cruise

 The - :

  • Very intense trip. We took domestic flights at 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. and then went on visits as soon as we got off the plane. The last day is particularly tough. This point can be adapted if you stay longer.
  • Some meals on the cruise ship docked when we could have eaten in town
  • Not enough time in Cairo to enjoy the souk. Because it is at the end of the day (do not hesitate to ask the guide to adapt the day to lock this point)
  • Odor and noise pollution in Cairo.

    Luxury cruise Nil I Ornella and Alain Thebault December 2018: Cairo and Luxury Nile Cruise.