Dahabeya cruise on the Nile I Charlotte & Simon – Pierre Puech February 2018

It's our turn to add a stone to the edifice… and to post our very first message on the Routard forum, which was a great help in organizing our trip! 🙂 

We left mid-February with Terra Trip in Egypt. In fact for a stay of a dozen days (Cairo, Karnak-Louxor, cruise to Aswan, Abu Simbel. Then Cairo again) and a Dahabeya Cruise on the Nile and the whole team made us discover Egypt and its wonders! 

Abu Simbel puis Caire a nouveau et une Croisière Dahabeya sur le Nil

We had access to areas empty of tourists (especially in some mosques, some are real little hidden treasures!) or very little frequented. So, what allowed us to visit this beautiful country in the best conditions 🙂

The +: 
– some empty areas or almost because not on the program of other agencies
- the cruise !! 
– the Nubian house in Abu Simbel
– early departures to avoid the crowd… and the heat 

Go ahead with your eyes closed...or rather wide open so you don't miss anything 😉

The dahabeya (or dahabeih) is the replica of the boats of 19th century princes and archaeologists. They are very well equipped, the most comfortable version of all the boats. The solar boat of Cheops is certainly the first form of "dahabieh" known. The Nile Cruise in Dahabeya is the ideal way to discover and quietly admire the beauties of Egypt and the banks of the Nile. This Nile Cruise is above all a soothing and original cruise.

It allows you to contemplate its ever-fertile shores, home to ancient Egyptian necropolises and temples. However, you will be very close to the water. You will admire the good life on the banks of the Nile; among others: palm trees, gardens, fields, buffaloes, camels, as well as donkeys, birds, agricultural activities, and children who greet you!. Every day your dahabeya approaches the banks of the Nile. True jewel of Egypt. And which has always represented a true source of life. Fertility and health. From ancient times to today.

Dahabeya cruise on the Nile I Charlotte & Simon – Pierre Puech February 2018 – Cairo, Nile cruise in Dahabeya, and night in Abu Simbel.