Organized trip to Egypt I Bénédicte and Thierry and Marine Gimonnet April 2018

We have just returned from an organized trip to Egypt by the care of Terra-Trips. However, we were very well received and guided.

Our trip which started in Cairo, continued with a cruise on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan. So it will remain an excellent memory!. Very beautiful discoveries, the essentials. But also places recommended by our agency off the beaten track, very beautiful and very interesting.

voyage organisé Egypte
We have just returned from an organized trip to Egypt.

Our guides were adorable and very cultured, always attentive to our needs, always ready to answer our questions.

We absolutely recommend this agency.

"An organized trip to Egypt" is a dream that many cherish since childhood, it is to visit one of the richest countries in the world in history. Discover the glorious past of the land of the Pharaohs. In fact, there are many reasons to book a trip to Egypt. 

So yes, whether on a Nile cruise or through authentic discovery, Egypt is at your fingertips and your wishes. Our goal: to make you happy with tailor-made programs; thus “Terra Trips Oasis Egypt” is a refined choice for lovers of our country. Terra Trips Oasis Egypt allows you to carefully choose the type of your trip at an affordable price and in complete peace of mind. Our original visits and activities will allow you to discover Egypt in a different way; for example: the discovery of typical souk; the life of the local peasants, as well as sleeping with the locals. We gratify you with a trip with an authentic character, with Terra Trips, an important part of your trip will be reserved for an approach to the 'True Egypt'.

Thanks to our section entitled “Our trips” you can book a pleasant stay. You will also have the choice between offers for weekend getaways, one or more nights in a hotel, a night in a bivouac, a cruise on the Nile or on Lake Nasser. ! . We offer lovers of our country a refined choice of 17 trips.

Last minute trip to Egypt I Bénédicte and Thierry and Marine Gimonnet April 2018: Cairo and Dahabeya cruise and night in Abu Simbel

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