Egypt trip – Christine and Philipe February 2022

We are returning from our trip to Egypt organized with the Terra Trips agency and which took place from February 13 to 26, 2022…

Excellent logistics and organization... the Terra Trips agency took great care and our guides, Ali in Cairo and Mostafa in Upper Egypt, enlightened our visits with their valuable comments. The entire crew of our Dahabeya, the “Queen Farida”, showed exceptional thoughtfulness and kindness. In short, it was truly a dream stay!!!

We unreservedly recommend Mr. Amro's agency, always keen to adapt our discovery program as best as possible and to assist us in every step!!!

A “Travel to Egypt” is a dream that many have cherished since childhood, it is to visit one of the richest countries in the world in history. Discover the glorious past of the land of the Pharaohs. In fact, there are many reasons to book a trip to Egypt. 

So yes, whether on a cruise on the Nile or through an authentic discovery, Egypt is within reach and within your reach. Our goal: to please you with tailor-made programs.

Thus "Terra Trips Oasis Egypt" is a refined choice for lovers of our country. Our section Our trips Egypt allows you to carefully choose the type of your trip at an affordable price and in complete peace of mind.

Our visits and original activities will allow you to discover Egypt In a different way ; for example: the discovery of typical souk; the life of the local peasants, as well as sleeping with the locals. We gratify you with a trip with an authentic character, with Terra Trips, an important part of your trip will be reserved for an approach to the 'True Egypt'.

Thanks to our section entitled “Our trips to Egypt” you can book a pleasant stay. You would also have the choice between weekend getaway offers, one or more nights in hotels, a night in bivouac, a cruise on the Nile or on Lake Nasser. ! We offer you lovers of our country a refined choice of 20 trips to Egypt.

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