Trip to Cairo and cruise on the Nile I Marcel September 2008

Amro made us discover well, with competence and his love for his country a part of the multiple and many facets of his homeland.

Thanks !

Voyage au Caire et croisière sur le Nil I Marcel Sweertvaegher Septembre 2008
Cairo Trip and Nile Cruise


A great stay.

A few years ago with a group of about twenty people from the same village. We were guided throughout our 10 day stay in Egypt by Amro himself.
We all really appreciated his presence. In addition, his culture and the good atmosphere in which he was able to pass on the history of his beautiful country during the visits to Cairo and the pyramids, Luxor, the cruise on the Nile and the visit to Abu Simbel .
If we had the opportunity to come back to Egypt we would definitely use his services.


Capital of Egypt, is the most populated city in Africa. Teeming. You will quickly become attached to it. Cairo is also traveled for the wonders it possesses. For example the Egyptian Museum, the pyramids of Gizeh. Also the alleys of Islamic Cairo, the pyramids and tombs (mastabas) of Saqqara, the Old City and Christian Cairo… an induction into Egyptian culture, ancestral and modern. A trip to Egypt will be noticed by the visit to Cairo.

Nile Cruise

Have you ever had the opportunity at least once in your life to take this magnificent sea route that is this symbolic river of Egypt? The Nile Cruise is well worth the detour, believe it! While navigating in the comfort of your luxury boat, you will make magnificent discoveries on each side (left bank and right bank).

A truly memorable experience for all visitors to our beautiful country, where you will visit the most important temples of Egypt. . This cruise will delight you with so many ancient and authentic things to admire. You will soak up the picturesque nature of this great country; thus of these places where lived the Egyptians of the pharaonic time.

Trip to Cairo and cruise on the Nile I Marcel Sweertvaegher September 2008.


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