Tours Cairo | Gilles Barbent April 2012

Dear Amro, Thank you!

During a day of transit to another destination.

However, I wanted to dedicate it to the discovery of the Cairo and pyramids. Likewise, off the beaten track, closer to the Egyptians…

A perfect organization, your friendliness and that of the driver. Your historical knowledge about Egypt. But also the discussions that we allowed to know a "little piece" of your magnificent country. And above all, and makes you want to come back.

See you one of these days Amro!

Tours Cairo | Gilles Barbent April 2012.

Cairo Capital of Egypt, is the most populated city in Africa. Teeming. You will quickly become attached to it. Cairo is also traveled for the wonders it possesses. For example the Egyptian Museum, the pyramids of Gizeh. Also the alleys of Islamic Cairo, the pyramids and the tombs (mastabas) of Saqqara. The Old City and Christian Cairo… An induction into Egyptian culture. Ancient and modern. A trip to Egypt will be noticed by the visit to Cairo.  

Luxor is a must when traveling to Egypt. It is located on the site of ancient Thebes, capital of the pharaohs at the height of their power. Do not miss the visit of Luxor during your next trip to Egypt. It is built around two huge ancient monuments. The elegant temple of Luxor and the temple of Karnak. The royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. And the Valley of the Queens lie on the west bank of the river. As well as the Valley of Nobles, the Hatshepsut Temple. The Village of Craftsmen. And further south the Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples.

Alexandria Second city of Egypt, less touristy. Alexandria is also not considered an Arab city. It is above all a Mediterranean city. Moreover, which draws its roots and its true richness from a mosaic of cultures. While renowned for its Greco-Roman monuments. Like the amphitheater of Kom el Dikka. Also the Citadel of Qaitbay. The ancient city and the Library of Alexandria. Many of our visitors enjoy making their trip to Egypt including visiting Alexandria.

Visites le Caire | Gilles Barbent Avril 2012
Tours Cairo


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