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8 days
Availability : November 23 - November 30, 2024
Alexandria - Siwa Oasis - The Great Sea of Sand
5.0 from 66 reviews
Ratings and reviews
  • 5.0 from 66 reviews
  • 14-05-2023

    Stephane Plassat

    A superb trip, organized at the top. I had wanted to see Egypt for 25 years, and well I was spoiled. The team is very available and friendly, everything is well organized from start to finish, the visits are magnificent, as are the hotels chosen. In short, a dream trip!

  • 08-05-2023

    Olivia Duffourg

    Amro Terra, the boss of Terra Trip, organized a tailor-made 12-day trip for 2 people, trying to avoid the crowds, and with the real concern to adapt to our wishes. Impeccable organization, schedules respected, fascinating guides, we advise 100%.

  • 01-05-2023

    jean-pierre Morliere

    Amro is very professional and we enjoyed every moment of our trip. Skip-the-line airports are precious, the choice of restaurants wise. We were also able to visit the monuments at times chosen by Amro without tourist crowds, which makes a huge difference in the quality of the trip. Congratulations also to the guides, to the staff of the boat. Very nice trip. Nothing changed

  • 17-04-2023

    Thomas BURNET

    Perfect organization following our requests via the website. He manages everything on site, which makes it possible to spend a very good holiday and to enjoy it to the full. French speaking guide sharing their knowledge and their passion for their country. Thank you Amro, Ali and Mustafa for this trip

  • 17-04-2023

    Isabelle FRANZL

  • 15-03-2023

    Justin LB

    We have just returned from an 11 day stay in Egypt organized with Terra Trips. We were 2 adults and 2 children aged 2 and 4.5. Impeccable, fluid and well-organized organization. Friendly and endearing people (special mention to the Cairo team and the driver to Soma Bay). Tranquility of luggage storage in the car for the days between 2 hotels. And above all tranquility and serenity to be guided in a country where the change of scenery is total (especially in Cairo). And necessarily personally full of good family memories?.

  • 15-03-2023


    Hello Fabulous trip organized by terra trips. Perfect !!!

  • 15-01-2023

    Aurélie PIERRON

    We are returning from a week in Egypt with my 2 children. Amro accompanied us, with his teams, at each stage of our circuit… we were able to visit the main sites of ancient Egypt accompanied by experienced and personal guides. Every day, an exchange via whatsapp allowed us to stay in touch and we knew we could count on him if necessary. I recommend this local incoming agency to 100%!

  • 15-01-2023

    aurelie nicholas

    Magnificent family trip organized in December 2022 with the Terra Trips agency: from the quote to the resumption of the plane for France, everything was perfect. Very serious and responsive agency. An exceptional guide to the southern part Luxor/Aswan.

  • 15-01-2023

    sophie dussud

    Hello, Terra Trips is a serious, flexible and rigorous agency. We recommend!

  • 15-01-2023


    Hello, We are a family of 6, with 4 teenagers and we traveled to Egypt for 7 days from December 17 to 25, 2022. We spent 2 days in Cairo and 5 days in Luxor. Once arrived at Cairo airport, there was nothing more to do than enjoy the holidays: everything is done to have no worries. Amro's welcome was genuine and warm. Transfers were perfectly organized and friendly drivers on time. The French-speaking guides were all Egyptologists, they knew how to be fascinating throughout the stay and create a close relationship with our family group. The choice of lunches was perfect and allowed us to discover the local, refined cuisine. The organization of activities such as a hot air balloon flight, and cycling in the Valley of the Kings was perfect. We wholeheartedly recommend Terra Trips. A big thank you to Amro for his competence and his kindness. The Royal family 😉

  • 15-12-2022

    Dan Rod

    Thanks to Amro for organizing this trip. The hotels, the guides, the drivers, the tours, the cruise, everything was perfect. You are taken care of from your arrival until your departure. You just have to enjoy the beauty of Egypt.

  • 11-11-2022

    Julien Branch

    For our third trip to Egypt, we entrusted the organization to Amro and his Terra Trips team. A unique and personalized program has been prepared, with responsiveness and perfect adaptation to our expectations. On site, support for the descent of the plane until the last minutes on Egyptian soil by serious drivers and guides, available , very cultured and adorable who put all their energy into ensuring that we enjoyed an exceptional stay. The choice of hotels and restaurants was perfect. Multi-day contact was provided by Amro, who watches over the smooth running of the trip Bravo and thank you Amro, we can't wait to come back! (trip with 4 adults, 3 teenagers) Julien

  • 08-11-2022

    Georges Wagner-Jourdain

    If we had some doubts at the start of our Egyptian journey, we are, after the return, convinced of the competence of Terra Trips. Good organization throughout this trip, friendly, competent guides, punctual drivers, an almost chiseled and yet perfectly mastered program. Terra Trips is a highly recommendable agency!

  • 11-09-2022

    Myriam Lamadon

    Excellent very professional agency. Everyone takes care of you. Tb communication before the trip and during the stay. You can trust Amro and his team with your eyes closed

  • 11-08-2022

    Brigitte Annunziata

    Back from a 13-day trip organized by the Terra Trip Agency: Cairo, Alexandria, a Nile cruise, Luxor and a few days in Hurghada. What can I say... A faultless organization, a choice of hotels, excellent restaurants, an incredible guide (Ali) accompanied by a driver (Mustapha) of great kindness.. Amro listens to us every day.. We We only had one concern: enjoy this wonderful country! don'do not hesitate, this agency will make you live unforgettable holidays!

  • 11-07-2022

    Jose Adolfo Villegas V

    We recommend the Terra Trips agency of Amro and the great guides Ali and Youssef in Cairo and Mostafa in the South! Great memories in May 2022 still too few tourists but a dream to be able to be alone sometimes to visit the temples!

  • 11-06-2022

    Roland Ro

    I's back from a week of vacation with a friend, it was perfect, Amro manages his stuff well, the guide Ali is a living encyclopedia he teaches you a lot, from Fayoum to Alexandria he's on top as well as "the best driver" Youssef who is also excellent... he knows Cairo almost like the back of his hand, it's not easy when you see that the city is so big. I highly recommend the team.

  • 11-05-2022

    bruno courtay

    we decided a little at the last moment to leave with our little girl in Egypt. The Terra Trip agency that I contacted (a little by chance) did a remarkable job and offered us an "à la carte" stay. respecting our budget our desires and our constraints On the spot only good surprises and beautiful encounters Starting with our 2 guides (Mustafa and Ali) who won us over with their professionalism, their kindness and their thoughtfulness for us and our little girl. of 10 years old who comes back as enchanted as us The cruise in dahabieh took us back in time over the water The crew was particularly kind and very caring To sum up, we came back with images and memories without any worries or problems I recommend without restriction Terra trip te his boss Amro This agency which deserves to be (re)known

  • 11-05-2022

    Elisabeth Simonnot

    Serious and reasonable agency in terms of price. We were very well taken care of as soon as we got off the plane, which is reassuring with children. The guides are very good and very considerate. Everything was perfect

  • 11-02-2022

    Ralph HABABOU

    I highly recommend the Terra-Trips agency for all the service, permanent monitoring and real-time adaptation to the changes inherent in this type of trip. I have only one regret: that this stay between Christmas and New Year's Day was not longer. But, it is certain that we will return as a family and that we will call on Amro again.

  • 11-02-2022

    hubert talmon

    We entrusted the organization of our 9-day tour in Egypt to this agency in January 2022. We are very satisfied with the service, a serious agency, responsive and organized and "very attentive to its customers". We recommend this agency with confidence with a special thank you to Amro the manager with whom we were in constant contact.

  • 11-01-2022

    Madeline Gay

    Thank you to the agency Terra Trips who made my trip to Egypt an unforgettable experience!! Due to an exemplary organization and supervision, I never felt insecure at any time, despite having left alone and as a woman. So to all the people who would be tempted to embark on an adventure with this agency, I can only encourage you! Another big thank you to the whole team and to the guides who have an unfailing knowledge of their heritage!

  • 04-11-2021

    B chaima

    Three weeks before our departure for Egypt I realized that organizing our trip alone was almost impossible and too complicated… so I did some research and I came across Terra trips! by reading the reviews on different sites I was quickly convinced! So I contacted Amro and I explained to him the places I wanted to visit. The next day he offered me an extremely detailed, complete and completely personalized program! After a brief telephone conversation, I immediately gave my full confidence to Amro and God knows how complicated it is for a person like me who has this need to manage and master everything! Dozens of them followed. of email exchange, as soon as I had a question or a request I could be sure to have an answer the same day!D-Day arrives: from the second we set foot at the airport in Egypt we were taken care of by the correspondents of Amro! Whether it was for the purchase of visas, or the recovery of suitcases for which we had a problem and which Amro also managed! At 3 am Amro was there to welcome us and accompany us to our hotel room to make sure everything was ok! Not once during the whole stay did we feel alone or lost! Regarding the tourist guides, we had Ali and Mohamed (Momo)! We didn't know that it was possible to get so attached to people in such a short time. Ali will remain our favorite of the trip, a simple and so kind whole human person who is extremely passionate about his work! We will never forget it!!!! We also had an exceptional driver Youssef, a wonderful meeting just like Ali, a good, serious and very kind man! Our second guide Momo is also a favorite! Such a funny person, passionate about his job and so concerned about our well-being! And we never get bored with him! Halfway through the stay, we were starting to get a little tired and Momo reorganized all the activities to make it less hard! As for Amro, he kept his promise to give us a wonderful stay! only one day when he didn't call us to find out if everything was fine! until the last second he accompanied us in our steps (airport, PCR test ...) Hotels, restaurants, private guides, private cruise drivers, visits ... everything was managed by Terra trips we just had to put down our suitcases and let yourself be guided by the team! I am absolutely not a fan of organized trips, I prefer to organize everything myself, but for once it was a real revelation! And without a doubt I would use the services of Terra trips again for our next trips to Egypt, it's them and no one else! A thousand thousand thousand thanks to the whole team you made us spend an incredible unforgettable stay … we are marked forever ??Chaima and wissemTravel from October 17 to 27

  • 02-11-2021

    Juliette Lostys

    Hello everyone, Terra Trips is a very nice agency on a human scale, far from mass tourism. Armo takes care of you, from the realization of the estimate until your return to France! The guides and drivers are very respectful, passionate and take into account your desires or your constraints. We had a wonderful trip and Terra Trips greatly participated in it. You can go there with your eyes closed.

  • 02-11-2021

    Romain Pierson

    Easy and responsive contact with total flexibility on the content of the trip (10 days: Cairo, Cruise and Hurghada). Perfect organization. No stress. We were taken care of as soon as the plane landed in Cairo. Amro takes news every lunchtime and is very responsive. We asked to do things not on the program and Amro was on top of that. The guides speak French very well and are very friendly. Special mention to Nadia who regaled us with information in Cairo. Brilliant experience on our part. We recommend 100%: they are responsive, professional, friendly and attentive! Romain & Laetitia

  • 08-10-2021

    Sandra Rabineau

    We left at 6 with the agency "Terra Trips". To the concern of having chosen an Egyptian agency for this trip, we were surprised by a very good organization! As soon as we arrived, we were picked up at the airport by a Terra Trips agent for all the formalities (visa, luggage). We had guides with a high level of knowledge, perfect French and a driver in Cairo who was very good at slipping between cars!! Ali showed us around the souks of Cairo where we had tea with the Egyptians, Alexandria and its citadel as well as the most beautiful mosques with their stories. We were able to climb to the top of a minaret to discover Cairo, a panoramic view of the life of the Cairenes. Ali is inexhaustible on Saqqara and Giza and the history of his country. Youssef, our driver, made us discover a cheese… specialty of the countryside (to test especially the fermented one)!!! Ahmed in the south, revealed to us the beauties of the Nile, the felucca rides and allowed us to swim in the clear waters of the cataracts. He sent us up in the air in a hot air balloon to see the sunrise over Luxor and the Valley of the Queens…Each day, Amro, the Agency Manager, called us to make sure everything was going well. He was even kind enough to offer us a HUGE cake for Gilles' 50th birthday! We come back with a multitude of memories and photos and especially beautiful encounters with this Terra Trips team that we strongly recommend. Amro adapts your stay, duration, places… If you want to visit Egypt and share humanly, then do not hesitate. As we said on a video with Terra Trips it's the trip!!!! ;-) Eric, Sandra and their children Elias and Alexandre, Gilles and Patricia

  • 08-10-2021

    Citizen Erased

    We finally decided to go to Egypt! Given that we were planning to leave only between girls, we hoped to find a serious agency that will supervise and accompany us throughout our stay. By searching on forums we found the agency Terra-Trips, local agency, serious and very often recommended, managed by Amro. We therefore, via their website, made a request for an "all inclusive" quote in which we listed the places and remains that we wanted to visit, our dates , our budget and other small points. Amro was very responsive (as throughout our stay), and concocted a trip for us that perfectly matched our expectations and our budget. He really took care of all the formalities, visits, internal flights, declarations etc. We just had to let ourselves be guided and appreciate the beauty of the sites of Egyptian history. We wanted to split our trip into two parts: First week "discovery" and second week "rest" in all inclusive. So we started our trip in Cairo where we were supervised by a superb guide: Ali, who accompanied us throughout our stay in the North, and we also had a private driver, Youssef. Amro had then booked our internal flight to go to Aswan, in the South where we met our very nice new guide Ahmed. Then followed a small cruise on the Nile for 3 days to reach Luxor, the last stage of our "discovery" journey before going to our Hotel "all inclusive” carefully booked by Amro, who was also: superb! During this second week we also had a Terra-Trips representative to help us and who was able to respond when we s wanted to book additional activities such as diving for example. Throughout this trip, Amro called us every day to ensure that everything was going as desired and that we had no worries. who would be a little worried about traveling to Egypt, know that you will be accompanied at all times. At the airports, we had a person with us to take care of the tickets, our suitcases and to pick us up at our arrival. In the hotels, the guides take care of our Check In and other formalities. And another small advantage: the private car which saves us a lot of time because we do not have to wait for all the passengers to be properly boarded to leave (unlike the bus). To conclude, we recommend this agency to 200%! Thanks to Amro and the whole team!

  • 08-10-2021

    Antoine Renault

    My boyfriend and I went on vacation with the agency Terra Trips in August 2021. We chose to trust Amro to organize our trip and we were delighted !! First of all we visited Cairo and the pyramids with a great guide and a great driver (Ali and Youcef whom we thank). Ali is passionate about his job and will be able to answer all your questions without forgetting that he is very kind and attentive! Then we went to southern Egypt to continue our experience and we met Moustafa our guide. He was able to pass on his knowledge to us in a fun way and was very attentive to our needs and desires. We were delighted to spend our holidays by his side! Regarding the support of Amro, everything went extremely well during the assistance for the procedures at the airport, the reservation of hotels etc… In addition we asked to do an additional visit during our trip and Amro and Moustafa were very responsive and arranged an additional slot for us. We will end by thanking the whole team and partners (hotel, drivers etc…) of terra trips and in particular our guides and Amro for this week which will remain etched in our memories!! THANKS WE ARE EXCITED?

  • 08-06-2021

    Myriam Mezaguer

    10-day stay for two between Cairo and Aswan via Luxor with driver and private guide organized by the company Terra Trips. We chose this format because we don't like group visits, and the mass effect; and in this Terra Trip perfectly met our expectations.

  • 30-11-2020

    Ali Ghies

  • 31-05-2020

    Guylaine Rasin

    Stay at the end of February 2020. So many good memories! we still think about it today! and what organization! You can leave with Amro in peace: he will be there to take care of you with great kindness (how nice!!). Everything is really well organized, you are taken care of as soon as you get off the plane, we even help you to go through customs, he will do the visa for you, you can if you want to buy a telephone/internet package right away at 15 € so convenient! The choice of hotel in Cairo was impeccable, very pleasant staff, swimming pool, the taxi driver: extra! The next day the guide is there, at the reception and all the visits follow one another really well, no fatigue, the taxi always picks you up on time, no long walks to pick it up! Ali the guide takes great care, we were girls, he was able to adapt to our desires, and we did a lot of things that weren't on the program. After: the descent of the Nile for me was like in a dream, it's really magical to be on the bridge and watch the banks of the Nile pass by. All the visits were great, and the boat was brand new, very clean! When we got back, Amro was there, waiting for us at Cairo airport: we were able to debrief the trip and the next day he was still there to accompany us at the airport! I only wish you one thing: that you have as wonderful a time as we did in Egypt and it will be thanks to Amro and his team!!!

  • 30-04-2020

    mimi GAMARRA

    We had very little time to prepare our trip to Egypt, so we opted for an agency, the TERRA TRIPS agency. Quickly, thanks to the knowledge of the place of the director of the agency, Mr. Amro, we set up a circuit, corresponding well to our wishes. And we won't regret it, we can assure you that we had an extraordinary trip that kept its promises. Mr. Amro was often present, we really felt safe. We were able to visit exceptional sites with the advantage of private visits.Mr. Amro put together unforgettable tours for us, with hotels and restaurants and exemplary organization. He provided us with two guides Ali and Mohamed, who were always present and who knew how to captivate us with the stories of the history of Egypt and its archaeology. They are wells of knowledge and it's a pleasure to visit with them. They know how to adapt to our desires and answer all our questions. A thank you also for our driver who knew how to charm us with his smile and his songs. We can only recommend the Terra-trips agency and its "on-board captain" Mr. Amro. Everything was perfect, do not hesitate to entrust him with your next trip, you will not be disappointed.

  • 31-03-2020

    Marie COIC

    An absolutely extraordinary trip with Terra Trips. Everything was absolutely taken care of from the beginning until the end of the trip: Amro, at the origin of this organization, takes care of absolutely everything This is an agency in human size which truly seeks to satisfy its customers, everything was done so that we could have a pleasant stay and above all: the guides are of high quality!!! No superficial explanations or desire to "do it quickly" / to shorten... We really feel the passion and the interest that drive them... Having compared a multitude of agencies before launching, I' I was able to see sometimes staggering prices offered by other companies... However, with Terra Trips, everything is absolutely personalized and you don't feel like you's been in tourist trunks, in buses or flat armored boats on board...It'was a little less than a month ago for us... And from the bottom of my heart, I recommend this wonderful trip that is Egypt with the agency Terra Trips... Because it' it has to be said, it's all this organization that allowed us to keep an exceptional memory of it... A big thank you to Amro and his kindness (anything unexpected? he really takes care of EVERYTHING), to Ali and his laughter, to Mohammed and his humor and to our Hazem, their driver...Very moved the last day at Cairo airport before taking our flight to Paris...In one word: GO FOR IT!!!

  • 31-03-2020

    Nanci Antonia Falco

    Terra Trips is a high level agency offering very good services. I highly recommend her.

  • 31-03-2020

    Didier Halbart

    initially, I didn's not want a sightseeing tour and didn't want to spend my day seeing antiquities, being in Egypt for diving. Amro immediately understood, giving me a personalized and atypical visit, passing next to the horde of tourists to focus on a few more than interesting details. In addition, not wanting a classic restaurant, he took me to one of his friends for a typical cuisine. Terra Trip brought me everything I expected with always a smile and was on the lookout for my requests.

  • 31-03-2020

    charly zaa

    Excellent trip to Egypt with the agency Terra TripsExcellent circuit prepared by Mr. Amro and his team. We felt safe at all times, and we got to know this beautiful country which is Egypt

  • 31-03-2020

    aurora lacourt

  • 31-03-2020

    MONTEL Jacques and Valerie

    We had a great time in Egypt. The circuit organized with the agency Terra Trips was very good: mix of visits to village temples and the few days in Felucca very pleasant. An efficient organization and the Felouque Guide and crew service providers were very considerate. To recommend ...

  • 31-03-2020

    Christine Croner

    Trip to the top, masterfully organized by Amro who understood what we wanted. I highly recommend this agency for a private trip to your liking and in complete safety. Thank you Terra Trips!

  • 31-03-2020

    Marie De Araujo

    we have just returned from a fabulous 2-week trip to EGYPT concocted by TERRA TRIPS, temples, pyramids, tombs, Nile cruise on Felouk, Black and White Deserts. Top agency, drivers, guides, crew... only respectful and friendly people. concerned about our well-being.

  • 31-03-2020

    Erika Froehly

    We had a wonderful stay in Egypt with the family thanks to Terra Trips, we were taken care of from A to Z without having to think of anything. The whole team took great care of us! I highly recommend this very professional and humane agency. Thank you again for this great stay!

  • 31-03-2020

    Delilah Watts

    Second trip with Terra Trips in 2020 (the 1st in 2011). An always warm welcome, a perfect, personalized and attentive organization, knowledgeable and friendly guides (we had the happy surprise to see again in Cairo, Mustapha who had already accompanied us in 2011 !!!…). We do not hesitate to encourage our friends, our family to visit Egypt in complete confidence with Terra-Trips. So our opinion: if you want to visit Egypt outside of large groups and circuits, Amro will be able to offer you "your circuit "…Have a good trip !

  • 31-03-2020

    Jun M.

    Great experience thanks to Terra Trips!

  • 31-03-2020

    Cedric Nicoloso

    Hello, Already a lot of very good comments on Terra Trips, and here is another one! We left for 8 days for two, between Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada, all organized by Amro from Terra Trips. Nothing to say, everything went very well! Few unforeseen events and in any case Amro was very present throughout the stay to adapt our program if necessary. was proposed by our guide Ahmed, ex-tra! In short, very good memories 🙂 Thank you Terra Trips!

  • 31-03-2020

    Merry Serris

    We went to Egypt for 10 days last April and we had chosen the local agency Terra Trip. We had a personal guide and driver. We noted "Punctuality, seriousness, excellent knowledge, kindness" on the part of these people"Everything was organized perfectly We let ourselves be carried away...Mr. Amro, the Director of the Agency, welcomed us to Cairo despite the late hour (2am!) and every day we had a phone call from him to find out if we were satisfied. At our request, he agreed to add visits and this for free! This trip left us with wonderful memories, and I think we will return, there are still so many sites to discover! What wonders! It's great! I highly recommend this agency.

  • 31-03-2020

    Marilyn Sarocchi

    In May 2011, I went to Egypt for 15 days with my 89-year-old mother. I had chosen the Terra Trips Agency on the Internet and I admit that I was a little worried at the time, just after the terrible events beginning of the year. But Amro was waiting for us in Cairo and then it was a wonderful stay with him and our driver. The circuit was well thought out for my mother and we enjoyed ourselves all along. Welcoming, kindness, Amro's very interesting comments on the culture of his country...everything was there. It'is a very professional agency that I recommend without hesitation.

  • 31-03-2020

    Sabine MAS

    We have just returned from a 19 day tour with Terra Trips. We traveled with our 16 and 19 year old daughters. This trip was enchanting and a source of permanent discovery. We usually travel independently but we preferred for Egypt to entrust the organization to a local agency which masters the constraints and customs on site. I sent my requests to Amro who prepared a very balanced circuit for us with an experience in the desert of two nights in bivouac which will remain unforgettable for us. Accompanied by Ali, our guide for the north of the country and Mahmoud, our driver in the desert, we discovered fabulous landscapes at sunrise, sunset with magical light. Ali has always been a source of knowledge, whether on daily life, culture or history. He gave us many anecdotes and spared no time to answer our many questions. Many thanks to him for his patience, his kindness and his availability. His visit to Cairo was magical for us. A big thank you also to Mohamed who accompanied us in the southern part of the country: cruise on the Nile, day of fishing at Lake Nasser and all the magnificent visits: Abu Simbel, Philae... Amro and his whole team prepared a trip for us thought out in down to the smallest detail: what comfort! And what we appreciated above all was the ability to adapt, to immediately find a solution when something unexpected happens. Leave with confidence, Amro takes care of everything !!Wonderful trip, wonderful family experience.

  • 31-03-2020

    Murielle turlan-strecker

    very good agency, trip made in August 2019 with the 3 children without worries and without any risk taken by the agency in terms of safety. very good circuit offered by them

  • 31-03-2020

    Valerie LE GARS

    8 days between Aswan and Luxor with a private Felucca cruise on the Nile with varied and well-balanced experiences corresponding well to our expectations which made us discover several facets of Egypt combining unmissable places and sites off the beaten track. Very good service and quality support.

  • 31-03-2020

    Nadine Rull

    Terra trips knew how to organize the trip we wanted, an unforgettable trip with the must-see sites but also visits off the beaten track and a very beautiful felucca cruise. We appreciated:- the relevance of the proposal in relation to our request, linked to a very good knowledge of the country and the expectations of Western travelers- the extreme responsiveness (late response, rescheduling of visits according to schedule changes)- the quality and kindness of the guides, the drivers and the crew of the felucca- the follow-up throughout the trip to ensure that it goes off without a hitch. We highly recommend.

  • 31-03-2020

    Christian Tremsal

    Hello, we have just returned from a 10 day trip with Terra Trips (private trip of 6 people), organized by its Director Amro for more than 6 months. the one who seemed to me the most suitable for organizing our trip. Before finalizing the circuit, Amro was very present and we communicated several times, himself calling us directly. We paid by bank transfer 50% for the trip about 3 months before and the balance 15 days before departure. Everything was organized perfectly (a person waiting for us at the airport for customs and visa formalities, management of our two domestic flights, Amro himself at the airport exit for introduce yourself and give us the last instructions before our circuit. Very good vehicles, very good drivers, very good Guides (Ali and Ahmed) with perfect punctuality. Great flexibility during the circuit to add ter things not planned, or modify some of them. Not being specialists in Ancient Egypt, the guides knew how to put themselves at our level without inundating us with explanations so as not to bore us and rather to make us benefit from the pleasure of the eyes. But for those who want very detailed explanations, the level is there. Thanks also to Ramadan and the crew of the "Nebyt" during the private 3-day cruise on the Nile, it was perfect. A plus for the chef for so many meals as varied as good, from breakfast to dinner. Too bad the Nile was cold but we bathed anyway. The country itself is perfectly secure and tourists come back. We we had the chance to take a trip against the direction of the classic TOs and visited the sites with few people except Karnak. From Marie Hélène, Gabriel, Nicolas, Alexia, Marie and Christian A BIG THANK YOU TO TERRA TRIPS AND HIS TEAM

  • 31-03-2020

    Patrick LV Bernard

    In March 2019, I had the opportunity to visit Egypt with my son. We had chosen to trust Terra Trips to organize our trip and guide us once there. It was an excellent choice! Our stay was excellent, the choice of hotels, boat, visits, … everything corresponded to our expectations. Our guides were real professionals and very friendly. I recommend this agency if you want to make a beautiful trip to the land of the pharaohs.Patrick

  • 31-03-2020

    renaud robin

    I went to Egypt for a few days at the beginning of the month. I didn't have a lot of time there and I wanted to make the most of it and have an immersion in the culture of the country. I contacted the Terra trips agency found via le petit futé and I had the pleasure of discussing with Amro. It was easy to develop the program around Cairo privatized and according to all my requests. He showed flexibility. Once there, everything went perfectly. My guide Mustapha was exceptional, always available and very precise in his indications. I learned a lot. The drivers were on top and Amro closely followed my whole stay with many attentions. I highly recommend the services of this agency. They are kind, helpful and offer quality services.

  • 01-04-2019

    Brigitte Donnat

    after several experiences, I highly recommend this agency

  • 01-04-2019

    Carine Stelmarski

    Hello, My husband and I have just returned from an 8-day tour in Egypt. We were hesitating between 2 local agencies, and it was finally to Terra Trips (recommended on the backpacker's blog) that we left. Amro, the director of the agency is the ideal contact to easily organize a tailor-made trip to Egypt. And we were not disappointed, our individual circuit went perfectly. A support by the agency right out of the plane allowed us to save a lot of time obtaining the visa and going through customs. We are immediately put in confidence by Amro's friendliness and desire to do well. The stay will be just perfect: From Cairo to Abu Simbel, we fell under the spell of the Nile: dozens of temples in an incredible state of preservation, the thrill when we are alone to visit a tomb discovered a few weeks ago (Indiana atmosphere Jones!), the discovery of the pyramids on the back of a camel (also the best way to take the most beautiful photos of the pyramids), the incredible beauty of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings (wow guaranteed!), The unknown but superb Valley of the queens that we were the only ones to visit, the temple of Luxor by night (magical), The "Agatha Christian" charm of the cruise on the Nile (I know, it's not said but I couldn't find a better qualifier) , without forgetting the fabulous temple of Abu Simbel (wow too!). The advantage of going through Terra Trips is that they made us discover, in addition to the great classics, monuments very little frequented by tour operators because it was impossible to access for a large group (like certain tombs) or simply a little further away, like the Valley of the Queens. Unfortunately for the Egyptians, the sites are very little frequented, even deserted. We spent more than 20 minutes, alone in front of and in the Abu Simbel temple. The magic of the sites is increased tenfold and the photos a little more authentic without the Japanese girls dressed up as Hello Kitty princesses right in the center! Thanks to the omnipresence of the police and the army, at no time did we feel insecure. I will end by thanking the guides, Wallid and Mina, for their kindness, their knowledge, their great flexibility... escape the vendors in the tourist stalls.

  • 01-04-2019

    Elie Bankhalter

    Trip beautifully organized by Terra Trips a few years ago. Trustworthy agency and beautiful human encounter with its director Amro Terra, connoisseur and lover of Egypt. I warmly recommend.

  • 01-04-2019

    Aurelie Bornand

    Extremely professional agency. Trip made in 2013 (Cairo, black desert, white desert, descent of the Nile). Everything went very well, we had a great stay!

  • 01-04-2019

    Fati Oriental Dance

    For our 4x4 journey in the Egyptian desert; An organization at the top! Tailor-made stay. Efficient and adorable companions.

  • 01-04-2019

    Bernard RACT

    We are a single couple very happy with the trip we have just had with your Agency. The two guides were particularly competent, very attentive to us to satisfy all our wishes. We were able to visit the sites quietly often without the inconvenience of tourist coaches thanks to their judicious choices of timetables. The two hotels in Cairo were up to standard. European 4 stars. For the cruise our cabin was spacious with a bathroom (shower) of a good standard. On the boat, the meals in the form of a buffet were correct, but perhaps lacked variety. The drivers were calm and level-headed. They were punctual at the meeting, everything was perfectly coordinated. We very much appreciated the help at the airport to complete the formalities. In summary: PERFECT We can only highly recommend this agency. Bernard and Françoise

  • 31-03-2019

    Roman Grandis

    Hello, We spent 10 days in Egypt (Cairo, pyramids, cruise on the Nile, Red Sea) with Terra Trips. Everything went extremely well, from the discussion to preparing for the trip (very precise and very responsive email exchanges with Amro, which made us decide to choose the agency), the choice of the 2 guides (Ali for Cairo and the pyramids and Ahmed for the Nile valley), the always very caring support (guides of course, drivers, phone calls,...) to the special attentions for our honeymoon. The guides know how to adapt very well to our preferences and most of the time we visited the sites far from the armada of tourists. We can only urge you to go with them! All our contacts shared their love for their country with us. Thank you Amro, Ali and Ahmed. Fran & Romain

  • 31-03-2019

    Francis Cousin

    Everything worked perfectly on our off the beaten track tour (desert and oasis, up the Nile Valley from Cairo to Luxor by road) during our two week trip with Terra Trips - Oasis Egypt. Quality and warm French-speaking supervision from Mr. Amro, specialist in the desert and oases.

  • 31-03-2019

    guillaume claire

    Exceptional agency of kindness, availability and above all competence. We travel with Amro and his guides with our eyes closed. This trip will remain unforgettable for us and our 3 children. To do and redo absolutely.

  • 31-03-2019

    Armande Marchetti

    Hello, At the end of 2018, 4 of us traveled to Egypt, once again choosing Amro Terra from Terra Trips, which we knew for having already appreciated its know-how, the good organization and the friendly and relaxed nature of the relations with himself and with the guides he offers. Good company and very efficient guides. We had indeed kept an excellent memory of superb previous trips during which we explored the White Desert, the Oasis of Siwa, the Fayoun, the Mediterranean Coast, Alexandria and of course Cairo. We trusted Terra Trips completely for all these trips and we were not disappointed. For the end of year celebrations 2018-19 Amro organized a trip for us from Luxor to Aswan. The classic visits around Luxor and then Aswan were very exciting and embellished with original discoveries through contacts and organized meals among residents. Then we were on a very beautiful Dahabieh, a sailing boat sailing on the Nile that can be taken in tow in the event of a lack of wind. An original way to sail on the Nile and to discover villages where classic cruise ships do not approach. Life on board was very pleasant, in small groups (10 passengers traveling with their guides). The meals on board were delicious, varied but we warn you the alcohol was not found!!! think about it first! On December 31, we woke up under the starry sky and the crew treated us to a little musical and dancing show! It was very good and we will travel again with Terra Trips: Egypt is an ever-renewed discovery.

  • 31-03-2019

    Alexandra LASRY

    We traveled with our 11-year-old son to Egypt last February, 11 days from Cairo to Abu Simbel. After several searches for local agencies on the Internet, and despite a slightly higher rate than other agencies, we chose Terra Trips for the friendliness and professionalism of Amro with whom we were able to talk several times over the phone. We were hesitating between the cruise and car part for the whole stay and given the age of our son, he strongly advised us to for the car, which allowed us to make visits every morning until 2 p.m. and then to rest in the hotels and enjoy the swimming pools. Perfect welcome, daily presence by telephone, guides speaking French very well ( special mention for Hamed, our "southern" guide who was able to adapt perfectly to our timings and was able to interest our son with games and anecdotes... Trip entirely "about me sure", readjusted on a daily basis, permanent presence of a person with us, local restaurants, unique discoveries and "just for us", we really had a wonderful trip, both at the cultural level and at the human level. !!!

  • 31-03-2019

    HM TUR

    We traveled with Terra-Trips in April 2009. For all those who are wondering the questions that I asked myself a few months before leaving:- First of all the agency Terra-Trips, it'is Amro Terra him -even. Therefore, everything depends on him and he is really serious. Amro is a very nice person and very attentive to his customers. We exchanged by email a good forty times to refine the service I wanted and he always responded in a positive spirit (even though I thought I had become a boring customer myself!). - He organized everything on site: transfers, hotel reservations, restaurants, train tickets, visits, boats,... We let ourselves be carried away with complete confidence. In short, the holidays! - We paid with the "Kilk & Pay" system via the internet using a Visa card. First 50% on order. Then another game a week before leaving. Then 1,000 €uros in cash on arrival at the airport. We had the corresponding invoices as we went along. The only thing we lacked to be totally reassured before leaving, were "vouchers" confirming hotel reservations, but Amro told us that he was going to work on it.- As far as we are concerned, he accompanied us throughout the trip, which is particularly reassuring in a country whose culture you don't know and whose language you don't speak. Clearly, we had our guide all to ourselves + a driver (sometimes 2 for long journeys). Under these conditions, the prices announced by Amro are very reasonable, given the service. Compare what is comparable: any Tour Operator recognized on the public square, ensuring you all the visits as well as all the meals, will take you at least 20% more.- Egypt is already a country with extraordinary cultural richness , but Egypt with Amro is really a fantastic experience. And when you know how much the country needs tourism to ensure its development, you shouldn't hesitate to combine business with pleasure by choosing to travel with Terra-Trips.- No, nothing at all, we don't regret nothing: thank you Amro!

The price included

  • Welcome
  • Hotels
  • Rated visitsEntrance tickets to the sites in the company of a professional English-speaking guide
  • Air-conditioned car with driverThe guide is not at the same time the driver

The price does not include

  • Visits not mentionedsuch as entry inside 3 great Pyramids of the Giza Plateau (the visit to the site of the pyramids and the Sphinx is included in the program)
  • The solar boat
  • International flights

Meals included

  • Dinner and deserts on the 8th day
  • Breakfast and lunch every day except lunch on the 7th day
  • Dinner is not included at hotels
  • Meal pricesA simple lunch or dinner of sandwiches in a typical restaurant can cost 2:6 Euros, a lunch in a good restaurant can cost 15:20 Euros, a dinner in a hotel can cost around 10:20 Euros

Day 1Arrival in Cairo

Arrival in Cairo, reception, assistance with customs formalities and support, accompaniment and installation in your hotel  5*, the Cairo pyramids Hotel Steigenberger. 

Le Caire, Alexandrie et l'Oasis de Siwa
Cairo, Alexandria and Siwa Oasis

Day 2Cairo (The Pyramids and Tombs of Giza & the known and unknown sites of Saqqara)

After breakfast. Departure for the marvelous site of giza plateau, composed of the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos as well as the mysterious Sphinx.

Then you will join the eastern cemetery for the visit of the tomb of the Grand Dignitary of King Cheops, where you will be almost the only ones!

Then you will enter the small pyramid of the mother of King Cheops. Then visit the temple of King Khephren whose walls and ceilings are made of granite, and the floor is covered with white alabaster. In the middle of the room is the famous “well”. It is here where the statue of Chephren, unique of its kind, was discovered in 1860 by Auguste Mariette. 

After that, barbecue lunch in a typical restaurant in the middle of a palm grove on the road to Saqqara. 

Le Caire et Alexandrie et Oasis Siwa
Cairo and Alexandria and Oasis Siwa

Departure for an in-depth discovery of the marvelous site of Saqqara. First, visit the funerary complex of Djoser. So, and which is the first of this importance and the largest ever built in Egypt. First visit the exterior of the step pyramid, considered the oldest stone architecture on our planet.

Then visit the most famous tombs called 'mastabas'. Also entry into the pyramid of Titi. 

After that, departure off the beaten track. We start with a walk in the middle of beautiful ruins of the causeway of the cursed pyramid. In fact, the 700 m long causeway, a paved road 2.60 m wide, lined with small limestone walls sometimes decorated with bas-reliefs. Near fields of recent excavations.

Then discovery of the exterior of the small mass grave formerly reserved for the builders of the pyramids.

Continuation in particular by visiting the lesser known tombs and among the most beautiful of Saqqara.

In addition, you will discover the remains of the landing stage of the temple of the valley of the cursed pyramid. Once intended to accommodate the pharaoh's mummy on his ultimate journey to the afterlife. 

Also, visit the small and fabulous Museum of the architect Imhotep. This is where the most beautiful pieces from excavations on the site are exhibited.

Day 3Cairo - Alexandria (the ancient and authentic)

After breakfast, departure to Alexandria (230 km away).

First, you will cross the old town, visit the Roman amphitheater of Kom el Dika. Then you will discover a small part of the modest remains of the ancient Greco-Roman city open to the public in May 2017, and an open-air exhibition of pieces from the underwater excavations carried out since 1992 by Mr. Jean-Yves Empereur).

Then continue with a visit to the Villa des Oiseaux with its beautiful mosaics, stop at the small fish market. Continue with a walk on the ledge.

Then departure for the visit of the citadel of Qaitbay, supposed to be built on the site of the old lighthouse of Alexandria.

Lunch in a fish restaurant in town.

After that, continue with the visit of the Islamic quarter, in particular the famous mosque of El Sheikh el Morsy, the most appreciated among the natives. In fact you will live the real contacts with the Alexandrians. 

Le Caire et Alexandrie et Oasis Siwa
Cairo and Alexandria and Oasis Siwa

Continuation by the visit of the library of Alexandria, From the outside it indeed looks like a huge sliced sphere part, and the interior is resolutely modern. It contains many books, including books in Arabic, English and French. There are more than 200,000 books! A large part of the books in this library come from a donation from the National Library of France. 

It is mainly frequented by researchers, students, but also schoolchildren. The walk is pleasant, and it is therefore also appreciated by the inhabitants of Alexandria (especially on weekends). 

Continuation with a walk on the ledge, it is nearly 15 km long. It is lined with residential buildings and hotels, but also restaurants, markets, etc.

Finally accompaniment to your hotel located in the city center, which allows you to walk freely in the middle of the Alexandrians, the colonial style, the Metropolis where the Windsor Palace (4*).

Day 4Alexandria – Al Alamin - Mersa Matrouh – Siwa Oasis (640 Km)

After breakfast, early morning departure to Marsa Matruh. First of all we will drive firstly to El Alamin, we will visit the military cemetery of the battle of the Second World War.

In Mersa Matrouh, lunch in town in a typical restaurant. Then a short walk on the ledge. Then we will continue on Siwa, by the desert road.

Upon arrival, night walk to the typical village of ''Shali'', which looks like a real termite mound; you will experience the first contacts with the inhabitants of the oases, accompaniment to your hotel, the  Shaly Lodge located in the center of the village.

Cairo and Alexandria and Oasis Siwa

Day 5Siwa and its surroundings – (40 Km)

After breakfast, day devoted to the discovery of this haven of greenery dotted with numerous springs, its magnificent landscape, its extensive lakes and its famous monuments. 

you will discover pamong others “Shaly”, the ancient capital in the Middle Ages, which looks like a fantastic termite mound as well as from the outside the oldest mosque in the oasis of “Sidi abou Soliman” which dates from the 9th century. In addition, a local festival is organized every year by the natives in search of its blessings.


Le Caire et Alexandrie et Oasis Siwa- jour 5

Then visit “Aghourmi”, the fortress city and the administrative center at the time of the pharaohs where we will visit:

– The only temple of oracles in Egypt dedicated to the god Amon which dates from the 6th century BC. JC

– From the top of Aghourmi you can admire a magnificent view of the palm grove and the great sea of sand

– The remains of the “om Obeida” temple.

Then visit and possibility of swimming in the source of Cleopatra.- The source of Cleopatra. Lunch in a Siwi restaurant 'Chez Youssef' located in a garden, then return to your hotel. 

At the end of the afternoon, departure to admire the sunset over the waters of the salt lake of Fatnas. Return to the hotel. 

Day 6Siwa Oasis and its region - La Mer du Sable - (80 Km)

After breakfast, drive across the huge lake of Zaitoun, in the middle of lagoons of transparent water and red and white salt called ''Kerchif'' by the natives. Continue to discover the most abundant source of the oasis (Ain Korichet). Lunch in a typical restaurant. 

Departure in the afternoon in 4×4 to explore part of the great sea of sand, crossing the White Desert of Siwa, the coureaux and the fossilized shells in the middle of the desert. This excursion will be a real and beautiful adventure in the middle of the large and impressive endless sand dunes without forgetting the discovery of a surprising small freshwater lake in the middle of the desert. Possibility of swimming in the hot spring of Bir Wahed, return to the oasis. Bedouin dinner in a desert camp.

Cairo and Alexandria and Oasis Siwa

Day 7Siwa Oasis – Cairo

After breakfast, departure by car to reach Cairo, on arrival, we will accompany you to your hotel, the Passage Cairo Hotel &Casino from Cairo airport (5*)

Cairo and Alexandria and Oasis Siwa

Day 8Departure

Breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Cairo airport, and assistance with customs formalities according to your flight schedule.

Cairo and Alexandria and Oasis Siwa

Price per person

 2 – 3 attendees

Per person in a double room €2,490 / $ 2,490 (*)

Single room/cabin (one person only) € 2,790 / $ 2,790 (*)

4 participants or more

Per person in a double room €2,390 / $ 2,390 (*)

Single room/cabin (one person only) €2,690 / $ 2,690 (*)

(*) Price per adult (from 12 years old)

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