Married but not living under the same roof

When she goes shopping, she buys everything twice. From household products to clothes to food. In fact everything is divided between the 2 houses. History of not spending his time transporting his belongings from one house to another. Because this woman does indeed live in two houses. Married yes, under the same roof no. ! Indeed, this woman lives in Giza, and she sees her husband 3 days a week in Heliopolis, where he resides.

Mariés mais ne vivant pas sous le même toit, car ils n’étaient pas prêts à former une nouvelle famille.
Married but not living under the same roof

They have been married for 8 years, and right from the start. They agreed that everyone should keep their privacy. Being both divorced, they were not ready to form a new family. Many couples have chosen this kind of union. even if there is no precise figure on this type of marriage. A rather new phenomenon in society Egyptian.

The fact of being together while each living at home allows them to keep the charm and the continuity of this marriage. Married yes, under the same roof no!….it suits them. So, Married but not living under the same roof. One of his friends remembers that he had two apartments, one for the couple, the other acting as a haven, a refuge guaranteeing them freedom and privacy, a sort of bachelor pad, but not in the pejorative sense of the term.

The freedom enjoyed by this friend allowed him to maintain friendships with other women. While remaining faithful to his wife. And this way of life allowed him to flourish, to be creative and to achieve prowess in the artistic field.

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