Day trips to Cairo I Olivier SCHOENI and the family April 2009

After a stay immersed in Sharm we joined Cairo where Amro was waiting for us to help us discover all the wonders of this city. Amro is great for his kindness, he sees at first glance what interests you whatever your knowledge of ancient history and he adapts the route and the explanations in order to captivate you with his knowledge.

Excursions d'une journée au Caire | Olivier SCHOENI et la famille Avril 2009.
Cairo Day Trips

With Amro, you leave the classic path to find authentic Egypt. We highly recommend Amro for an out-of-the-ordinary visit. 

Cairo Day Trips | Olivier SCHOENI and the family April 2009.

Capital of Egypt, is the most populated city in Africa. Teeming. You will quickly become attached to it. Cairo is also traveled for the wonders it possesses. For example the Egyptian Museum, the pyramids of Gizeh. Also the alleys of Islamic Cairo, the pyramids and tombs (mastabas) of Saqqara, the Old City and Christian Cairo… an induction into Egyptian culture, ancestral and modern. A trip to Egypt will be noticed by the visit to Cairo. 

Excursions Egypt offers you stays adapted to all your desires. We offer you a wide variety in many cities and locations from any location in Egypt. They are especially adapted to your desires.

Egypt excursions included among other tours of Cairo. Discover the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos, and the mysterious Sphinx. Let yourself be tempted by visiting the ancient city of Cairo, with its picturesque alleys. Visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, without forgetting the fabulous treasure of the young pharaoh Tout-ankh-Amon.

As well as an excursion of the discoveries of Christian Cairo with its Coptic district. Don't forget to visit modern Cairo, which includes the two islands of Roda and Gezira, and to the southeast, Mounira. The area around the Ezbekiyya garden used to be a vast lake which was dried up in 1837. Excursions Egypt also offers you an excursion to Alexandria, its fine sandy beaches will not leave you indifferent.  Do not forget to take an excursion to the Oasis of Fayoum which will certainly leave you with unforgettable memories. 

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