White Desert I Marc & Jocelyne Fournier April 2009

Désert Blanc I Marc & Jocelyne Fournier Avril 2009 : Le Caire et les Oasis Égyptiennes.
White Desert

Just this short note to show you our gratitude, both for your professionalism, as well as for your good manners and your good humor.

Back from a tour organized by Terra-Trips, we can assure you that our guide Amro gave us an unforgettable stay in Egypt!

Competence and irreproachable professional conscience associated with a permanent humor which embellish the stay. In addition, we will not fail to advertise you in our entourage. 

Egypt White Desert I Marc & Jocelyne Fournier April 2009: Cairo, the Egyptian Oases and Middle Egypt. 

This is an opportunity to make an unforgettable excursion. On foot, by camel or by 4X4. However, you are guaranteed to cross spectacular landscapes. So with rocks in the shape of mushrooms, birds and animals. In fact, during your trip to This setting will make you happy in search of breathtaking panoramas. It is the vestige of a time during which this area was located under the sea. Nearby, a black desert of volcanic origin, the Crystal Mountain.

Siwa Oasis

Located 300 km south-west of Marsa-Matrouh. It is the northernmost of the five great oases of the Libyan desert. Inhabited by descendants of the Berbers, the Siwis. In fact, the oasis stands apart in Egypt. Here, we speak Siwie, a dialect completely different from Arabic. To see: Shali, the old town of Siwa, the gebel El-Mawta or the mountain of Mor, the lakes heard and the Sea of Sand. Moreover, Siwa Oasis is one of the preferable destinations for anyone wishing to take their trip to Egypt off the beaten track.

Middle Egypt

It is also one of the regions that makes you discover the Varie Egypt'Authentic Egypt', also spared from mass tourism, Middle Egypt is the modern name of the part of Egypt, which extends, approximately and from South to North, from the current city of Qena (Dendera) , to the south of the Fayoum. Your trip to Egypt in Middle Egypt will be a real gem for you. . Have: Touna el Djebel, the tombs of Beni Hassan, the Monastery of the Mountain of the Birds (Djebel el Teir), Tel Amarna, the temples of Dendera and Abydos.