Excursions to Alexandria from Cairo I Françoise and the family 2009

We arrived safely, back home. We are very happy to go on vacation and we are also happy to return. Jeremy and Hugo certainly join me in saying a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our stay one of the most memorable vacations we have experienced.

 Excursions à Alexandrie depuis le Caire I Françoise et la famille 2009
Excursions to Alexandria from Cairo

We are now somewhat equipped to study in depth the civilization of the Pharaohs and Egypt. We particularly appreciated benefiting from an outstanding cultured guide such as you and we are happy to have seized the chance that you still accompany customers today.

 Among all the things we visited thanks to you, a special mention for the Coptic church and museum in Cairo, the catacombs and the museum in Alexandria, the monastery on the road between Cairo and Alexandria (thanks for having us offered that extra), Saqqara Museum, Giza, the wonderful Fatimid Cairo Day Tour. We will say that almost everything we visited was good.

Thanks again.

Excursions to Alexandria from Cairo I Françoise and the family 2009.


Second city of Egypt, less touristy. Alexandria is also not considered an Arab city. It is above all a Mediterranean city. Moreover, which draws its roots and its true richness from a mosaic of cultures. While renowned for its Greco-Roman monuments, such as the amphitheater of Kom el Dikka. Also the Citadel of Qaitbay, the ancient city and the Library of Alexandria, many of our visitors like to make their trip to Egypt including the visit of Alexandria. 


Capital of the EEgypt, is the most populous city in Africa. Teeming. You will quickly become attached to it. Cairo is also traveled for the wonders it possesses. For example the Egyptian Museum, the pyramids of Gizeh. Also the alleys of Islamic Cairo, the pyramids and tombs (mastabas) of Saqqara, the Old City and Christian Cairo… an induction into Egyptian culture, ancestral and modern. A trip to Egypt will be noticed by the visit to Cairo. 

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