Egypt Organized trip I Justine and Julien Glasmacher June 2016

Hi there,

Since my partner and I discovered Terra-Trip via backpacker's forum, it's only fair to post a little message. While to thank the agency and encourage tourists to leave with this agency!

Amro, the director of the agency, listened to us throughout the preparation of our trip. For example, a particular desire to visit? Carefree. Also, a camel ride at the foot of the pyramids, no problem!.

In fact, we had to pay 50% of the sum before our departure and at no time did we have the impression of being “ripped off”. Indeed, many travel guides warn against unscrupulous agencies. Who will reduce costs where possible etc. With Terra-Trip it was quite the opposite.

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Egypt Tour Package

What was our surprise when on the boat for our 3 day cruise between Aswan and Luxo. In addition, we found ourselves in one of the only two suites on the boat. A suite with double the space of the other cabins with a small day bed. Also a double window overlooking the Nile. What happiness.

Also, our Egypt tour package was similar to one of the previous reviews. That is Cairo for 3 days then domestic flight to Aswan. Then cruise to Luxor (with stops on the way to visit several magnificent sites.) Finally, finally return for a night in Cairo by domestic flight before our plane the next day to take us home.

Special mention for our two French-speaking guides, Wallid and Mina, who did a great job! Wallid accompanied us to Cairo and surroundings (Pyramids of Sakkarah and Giza) while Mina accompanied us during the cruise and the visits (Aswan, Kom Ombo, Luxor, Karnak, Valley of the Kings and I forget)…

It was a romantic vacation and we were a little afraid of the omnipresence of the guide during the cruise, but Mina was very discreet to let us make the most of our moments of rest. During the visits, however, he was essential and very precise! Fascinated by Egypt, I had a mountain of questions to which he was always able to answer.

One last point about security. Our families and friends repeatedly warned us about safety in Egypt before our departure… For no reason! At no time did we feel any danger.

The people are very nice and many live from tourism so they are more than welcome! We were picked up directly at the airport by the guide (Wallid) and a driver and we were accompanied until the end of our stay.

The agency adapts to your desires so if you want to go for a walk alone in the souk or the city, no problem either (nor danger)!

It's a trip that has really been extraordinary for us and it's a shame for the locals that tourism has been in sharp decline since the 2011 revolution.

(On the other hand for us, what a foot to be practically alone in front of the pyramids…). What struck us the most about this drop in tourism are the cruise ships (like the one we used).

More than 300 of these huge boats are present on the Nile (the crew is made up of around 40 people). Only about ten have sailed since the revolution...

In short, go ahead and visit this extremely rich country in terms of encounters and heritage!.

Egypt Organized trip I Justine and Julien Glasmacher June 2016: Cairo and cruise on the Nile.