Egypt travels I Thomas, June Ortega & the children February 2020

Egypte Voyage I Thomas, June Ortega & les enfants Février 2020

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Egypt organized by Terra Trips. I can only recommend the agency and Amro, its representative. 

We traveled as a family: 2 parents and 5 children (13 years old, 11 years old, 9 years old, and 2 children of 5 years old).

We contacted Amro to organize our trip. Although based on the positive reviews we had read on the internet, all of these reviews turned out to be justified.

Promo Egypte I Thomas, June Ortega & les enfants Février 2020

1. The organization of the trip. All of our requests were met. In addition, within a reasonable budget for the level of services we had. Also given the challenge of meeting our itinerary expectations over a short period of 8 days.
Amro took care of everything apart from France-Egypt.  The organization was also super efficient.

2. Completion of the trip. Infact we spent 8 fantastic days in a magical country. In addition we were able to enjoy it because everything was under Amro's control. Transfers, visits, guides, meals, cruises, internal flights, etc. 

Besides, we didn't have to think or organize anything. In fact, we let ourselves be carried to this land of eternity. 

Amro called us every day. Where we were not with him to ensure our satisfaction and where the smallest detail was not perfect. Likewise, he took care of arranging it (like our room in Cairo in which we had a broken lamp and an extra bed and which he immediately had changed during our day of visit). 
What a pleasure to travel in these conditions, especially as a family with 5 children. 

Our journey: arrival in Luxor, visit of the temple of Karnak and Luxor. Then departure for Dahabeya, visit of the temple of Edfou, passage of the lock of Esna. Then visit the temple of Kom-Ombo, arrival in Aswan, visit the temple of Abu Simbel. As well as the visit of the Philae temple.

Internal flight to Cairo for the last 2 days and visit the Giza plateau with the great pyramids and the Sphinx, Saqqara, and finally Cairo Museum of Antiquities. 

It was an incredible week, a magnificent trip to Egypt, we visited all the sites we wanted to see, took the cruise in the conditions we wanted (Dahabeya Nile Cruise with great benefits), and in an appreciable serenity for our whole family thanks to Amro and his team.

Egypt travel : Thomas, June Ortega & the children February 2020 –  Luxor, Dahabeya Nile Cruise, Abu Simbel and Cairo.