Luxury cruise Egypt – Anani Cabera and friends October 2019

We would like to add a little on this forum about the travel agency Terra Trips.
The title says “it looks good but I'm looking for reassurance”.

This is exactly what we asked ourselves more than 10 months ago. When we looked for an agency that guides us throughout the trip to Egypt. In fact, my wife has wanted this since she was 10 years old.

But I cannot speak for the professionals of the Terra Trips agency. However, I can testify from my own experience.

But yes, you have to pay their way, in our case. 50% in advance by bank transfer and 50% on arrival in Cairo. Because of this, I admit that there were friends who are fearful.

But we searched and searched through all the forums, sites and others to reassure ourselves. On the other hand, there is only one person who always speaks badly of this agency.

But I think it's out of jealousy or rage to see that the competition is doing a good job “Terra Trips” “Oasis Egypt”. The period: Oct. 08 to Sept. 17, 2019.

International travel is paid for each with the airline of your choice. On the other hand, we chose British Airways. Departing from Montreal, with a 7-hour stopover in London.

However, perfect for a full BigBus (HipHop) ride. There are also several companies but we did everything through the internet. Even tickets for the fast train from Heathrow airport to London city centre.

Then, the rest is all organized and thought out by Mr Amro and his team.

Who will accommodate and accompany you for hours and days. And we can even say, “minutes” that you stay in Egypt.

Croisière luxe Egypte | Le professionnalisme de M. Amro et tous les guides (Mohamed au sud et Ali au Caire), les conducteurs
Luxury cruise Egypt -Anani, Ibet, Carlos and Marco Cabera October 2019

 You feel safe with strangers you just know, really. 

Our stay begins on October 9. Because we arrive in Cairo very late the day before. And we stay at the hotel one night very close to the airport. Then, we left early in the morning for Luxor (domestic flights included).

To take the ship (Egypt luxury cruise) that we walk on the Nile. Edfu (the temples of Karnak) Aswan (Kom Ombo). Then drive to Abu Simbel. Then, Assoaun – Cairo (domestic flight).

(The Pyramids and Tombs of Giza & the ancient city of Cairo and Islamic Cairo. Also the museum and Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Nobles and ride in a felucca).

Of course, there are other packages for your choice. But they give us even more of what we are offered.


  • The professionalism of Mr. Amro and all the guides (Mohamed in the south and Ali in Cairo). Also, the drivers, the people waiting for us at the airport. And which avoid us any queue (Mustafa).
  • Egypt as a whole fascinated us, we were left speechless and above all very satisfied.
  • The food in the hotels and in the Egypt Luxury Cruise, very good and clean. (Drinks are not included). On the other hand, if you like beer or wines. Only in hotels or on the cruise, not elsewhere.
  • On the other hand, water at each visit (with a temperature of more than 40 degrees in the desert it is mandatory).
  • Security is always present. The police check with the guides all the time where we are going, in which hotel we are staying, how many people are there.
Croisière luxe Egypte | Le professionnalisme de M. Amro et tous les guides (Mohamed au sud et Ali au Caire), les conducteurs
Luxury cruise Egypt -Anani, Ibet, Carlos and Marco Cabera October 2019

Closure of the highway to Abu Simbel overnight for security reasons.


  • The city of Cairo is very populated then with almost no traffic lights. Crossing the streets turns out to be the national deportation of Egyptians.
  • The transport from the airport to the hotel during peak hours can be done in 2 hours easily.
  • If you are out of shape. During the months of July and August it is 50 degrees, in October we have 40 degrees Celsius.
  • There are places to visit that you have to pay extra to take pictures with a camera (cellphones allowed). Ask before or check on the internet.

So if you have any questions we would be very happy to answer you.

And do not hesitate to contact Terra Trips. We also sent a lot of emails and all were treated with courtesy and respect.

Last line, don't bother Answer to this comment (mr frustrated). Thanks.