Egypt tourist circuit – Aurore Lacourt and the family October 2020


Just back from 15 days in Egypt: it was great!
We went with Terra Trips for Egypt Tourist Tour. And we are delighted with this choice. 2 adults and 1 child of 6.5 years old. 
Why did we choose to leave with an agency? Because we decided 3 weeks before and without the knowledge of Amro and his team we would never have left because everything was full at that time! 

We also wanted to avoid any red tape issues on site. Also possible tourist queues. The sellers are a little too insistent and take full advantage of what has been the case (and there are a few!). This is how the local agency is also the guarantee of making a more authentic trip. Sometimes even off the beaten track! 

In fact, Amro concocted a tailor-made program adapted to our son (2 days in Cairo then cruise on the Nile then relax in Luxor to finish on the Red Sea). In addition, he even adapted the schedule as we wanted (and it was possible). Because Amro also gave us a little call every day to see if everything was OK.

Nous sommes partis avec Terra Trips pour Circuit touristique egypte et nous sommes ravis de ce choix

On site, our 2 guides really pampered us! Even our driver in Cairo did baby sitting during our visit to the museum because our son slept in the car 😉

All the services were up to our expectations. In short, I strongly recommend that you go through Terra Trips to fully enjoy this magnificent country!
Bon voyage to those who haven't left yet!

Egyptian tourist circuit -Aurore, Jérôme and Timothée Lacourt October 2020 – Cairo, Luxor, Cruise on the Nile and the Red Sea.

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