Circuit Egypt I Benjamin Mora December 2000

I keep wonderful memories of this stay of my Tour in Egypt. Et I greatly appreciated the change of scenery. As well as the free time I had to rest while enjoying the peaceful and pleasant life in the various oases crossed..

In addition, the 'tea' breaks in the desert, in the palm grove as well as the evenings - outside the hotels. For example in the cafés of the oases, where I was the only 'foreigner.' While playing baggamon with my guide remain etched in my memory.

A quick word especially to Tamer. The driver of the 4×4 who – in addition to driving very well on the sand dunes – is an excellent musician!. Improvised concerts along the way and with his friends. Met by chance during a sunset. Still echo in my head. Thank you again for these moments of life so simple and so pleasant.

I was finally able to (re)learn to take the time to live without stress!. In November 2004, I was lucky enough to be able to make my first trip to Egypt. This trip organized by a travel agency allowed me to discover part of this beautiful country. Although it is so vast that it is impossible to get to know the story. Also to approach the way of life of its warm people in such a short time.

Circuit touristique en Egypte I Benjamin Mora Décembre 2000
 Egypt tour

Following this first Egyptian approach, I made a memo on the rich history of this country. In November 2009, unable to wait any longer, I went back to Egypt. This time to review some sites that had me much more as well as to discover new regions. In particular the oases of the western desert. 

 If I had to redo this circuit of November 2008, created according to my own desires for discovery, I will make a small modification: On day 12 of the program.

In order to do a little less kilometres, I will remove the discovery of the temple of Douche to arrive more quickly in Luxor in order to already make a few visits there. Admittedly, the discovery of the temple of Shower was very interesting – although it is very little visited – but that is a lot of kilometers in 4×4 during this day. Another possible solution. To complete the discovery of the Oases with a discovery of the Nile Valley, you will also have to leave the Oasis of Kargha on day 12 to reach Asyut.

And then follow the centuries-old Nile to Luxor and finish – why not – with a cruise between Luxor and Aswan, in order to take advantage of the discoveries on this part of the Nile and to be able to admire, too, the very famous site of Abu Simbel…

So I hope I don't have to wait another 4 years before I can go back to Egypt. This time the program will be to arrive in Aswan, to enjoy this beautiful region for 2-3 days. Then go on a cruise on Lake Nasser. Relaxing cruise, with a good book, and of course with cultural discoveries all along this trip...

Circuit Egypt I Benjamin Mora December 2000: Cairo, the Nile Delta, Fayoum Oasis, the White Desert, the Oases, Luxor and Abydos.

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