Cheap Egypt Tour | Jacqueline and Pierre Schoulmann November 2009

Circuit Egypte pas cher I Jacqueline et Pierre Schoulmann Novembre 2009

We had been twice Egypt, my wife and I. And we wanted to discover other aspects of the country and its people by organizing a tailor-made trip.

We were lucky to find Terra trips and especially its creator Amro.
He quickly understood what we were looking for. And after 3 or 4 iterations on the internet, we stopped our 15-day journey from 12/11 to 27/11.

As soon as we arrived in Cairo, we were received by a person full of kindness and thoughtfulness. Amro was able to show us all the facets of Cairo with his teeming life. We recommend a visit to the Cairo Museum with Amro!!!
After that we went to discover deserts of all colors accompanied by Ahmed of great skill and kindness.
We will not forget the small lost oases, the children's drawings, the welcome of the inhabitants, the evenings under the tent with competent and smiling drivers.
Afterwards, we stayed in a small hotel in Luxor on the edge of the desert not far from the Valley of the Kings. We were able to make the visits we wanted, at our own pace and with all the explanations.

Circuit Egypte pas cher | Jacqueline et Pierre Schoulmann Novembre 2009
Cheap Egypt tour

In other words, a dream trip as we had imagined it.
We will certainly go back to Egypt again and without hesitation with Amro.

Jacqueline and Peter

Cheap Egypt Tour | Jacqueline and Pierre Schoulmann November 2009: Cairo, the Egyptian Oases and Luxor.
The White Desert and Bahariya Oasis

This is an opportunity to make an unforgettable excursion. On foot, by camel or by 4X4. However, you are guaranteed to cross spectacular landscapes. So with rocks in the shape of mushrooms, birds and animals. In fact, during your trip to This setting will make you happy in search of breathtaking panoramas. It is the vestige of a time during which this area was located under the sea. Nearby, a black desert of volcanic origin, the Crystal Mountain.