Travel agency Egypt I Marilyn Sarocchi and grandma Mondy June 2011

In May 2011, I went to Egypt 15 days with my then 89-year-old mother.
I had chosen the Terra Trips Agency on the Internet and I admit I was a little worried at the time just after the terrible events at the start of the year.

But Amro was waiting for us in Cairo and then it was a wonderful stay with him and our driver. The circuit was well thought out for my mother and we enjoyed ourselves all along. Welcoming, kindness, Amro's very interesting comments on the culture of his country…everything was there. It is a very professional agency that I recommend without hesitation.

Agence de voyage Égypte | Nous avons été "chouchoutées"
Travel agency Egypt


You can go there with your eyes closed.
I went there after the events in May 2011 with my 89-year-old mother and we had a superb trip very well organized by Amro, a very competent and kind guide.
We were “pampered” by Amro and our driver who did everything to make our stay unforgettable.
Do not hesitate!

Travel agency Egypt I Marilyn Sarocchi and granny Mondy June 2011Siwa Oasis.

Siwa Oasis Located 300 km south-west of Marsa-Matrouh. It is the northernmost of the five great oases of the Libyan desert. Inhabited by descendants of the Berbers, the Siwis. In fact, the oasis stands apart in Egypt. Here, we speak Siwie, a dialect completely different from Arabic. To see: Shali, the old town of Siwa, the gebel El-Mawta or the mountain of Mor, the lakes heard and the Sea of Sand. Moreover, Siwa Oasis is one of the preferable destinations for anyone wishing to take their trip to Egypt off the beaten track.