Journey Middle Egypt I Jeanne Salfati July 2013

In 2010, I was fortunate enough to coincidentally find the organization run by Amro.

I did the Southern Oasis circuit with a knowledgeable guide. A very helpful driver with a great couple. So we were pampered and had a good laugh and discovered the desert full of life and riches. This year, in August, I joined a mini group (Yannick), guided by Amro himself.

Voyage Moyenne Egypte | Amro est un livre parlant, très aimable et attentionné
Middle Egypt Tour

In order to fill in my gaps concerning the Average Egypt. Amro is a talking book, very kind and caring. Despite the prevailing tension in the country we were able to freely visit the temples, the villages as planned. Closer to Minya, we were able to participate in a pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin, the population very welcoming and thanking us for visiting them. In Cairo, everything was peaceful, Tahir Square was deserted, the Egyptians are dignified, just people who deserve to be happy and to be visited!

I think I will return with Terra-trips and have the chance to be guided by Amro.

Middle Egypt

It is also one of the regions which makes you discover Varie Egypt 'authentic Egypt', also spared from mass tourism, Middle Egypt is the modern name of the part of Egypt, which extends, approximately and from south to north, from the present city of Qena (Dendera), to the south of Fayoum. Your trip to Egypt in Middle Egypt will be a real gem for you. . Have: Touna el Djebel, the tombs of Beni Hassan, the Monastery of the mountain of birds (Djebel el Teir), Tel Amarna, the temples of Dendera and Abydos. 

Middle Egypt Tour I Jeanne Salfati July 2013 – Middle Egypt and Luxor.

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