Travel Egypt circuit – Stefan and Dinae March 2023     

We returned from a 3 week trip to Egypt with Terra Trips.


The itinerary was tailor-made based on our interests, available time and budget.

We were taken care of from the moment we arrived in Cairo until we left in El Quseir.

Director Amro followed up either with the guides or directly from us to ensure the program was running smoothly.

The execution of the trip met our expectations and even exceeded them.

We had very knowledgeable guides and drivers.

 The schedule was respected and often we were almost the first tourists to arrive on site in the morning, which allowed us to visit the place in a peaceful manner.

We would like to thank our guides Nadia and Ali who shared their immense knowledge of Egyptian history with us with great enthusiasm.

Thanks to them, our knowledge of Egypt has greatly improved over the weeks.

 We also thank the drivers, Youssef and the others, too numerous to name. Although we followed a classic route.

 We particularly enjoyed the visit to old Cairo and the surrounding area as well as the artisans' village in Luxor which are less known.

 To end the trip, we wanted to stay for a few days at the Red Sea and following Amro's advice, we chose El Quseir which turned out to be the perfect place to relax and appreciate nature.

We without hesitation recommend the Terra Trips agency to anyone who wants to realize their dream of visiting Egypt.

March 2023

Di & St from Montreal


A “Travel to Egypt” is a dream that many have cherished since childhood, it is to visit one of the richest countries in the world in history.


 Discover the glorious past of the land of the Pharaohs. In fact, there are many reasons to book a trip to Egypt. 


So yes, whether on a cruise on the Nile or through an authentic discovery, Egypt is within reach and within your reach. Our goal: to please you with tailor-made programs.


Thus “Terra Trips Oasis Egypt” is a refined choice for lovers of our country. Our section Our Egypt trips allows you to carefully choose the type of your trip at an affordable price and with complete peace of mind.


Our visits and original activities will allow you to discover Egypt In a different way ; for example: the discovery of a typical souk; the life of local farmers, as well as sleeping with locals.


We reward you with a trip of authentic character, with Terra Trips, a significant part of your trip will be reserved for an approach to the 'Real Egypt'.


It is as a former tourist guide in my country, with its ancient civilization, that I have been organizing trips throughout Egypt for many years. 


 This allows me to better understand your desire for discovery and thus seek your full satisfaction.


In particular, we want to make you experience Egyptian culture, as well as its traditions; therefore during your trip.


You will be accompanied in particular by a professional French-speaking Egyptian guide. You will also enjoy autonomy and freedom during your trip.

Egypt is perhaps one of the oldest tourist destinations in the world. Countless travellers, from ancient Greeks and Romans to medieval pilgrims, 19th-century Egyptologists and modern-day Instagrammers, have been drawn to this corner of northeast Africa to see and experience its legendary wonders for themselves.

Egypt has more than its fair share of iconic sights: The stark pyramids of Giza, the colossal temples of Abu Simbel, the alluring Great Sphinx (one of the oldest statues in the world) and the sand-covered tombs of the Valley Kings are just a few examples. 

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But behind these classic and instantly recognizable images are thousands of other aspects that tell lesser-known, but equally iconic stories about this multi-faceted country.

This ancient country that is Egypt, is full of people from all over the world, eager to know its every nook and cranny, and to rub shoulders with the mythical characters of the time of the pharaohs. Whether it's the famous Ramses II, Tutankhamun, or even Cleopatra and Nefertiti; in short, all the greats of this world that legendary Egypt has sheltered. And how not to speak of these gods that are Isis and Osiris (also well known from the adventures of Asterix and Obelix). Yes, certainly, taking a trip to the country where the pharaohs lived is a must for sure!

But Egypt has more to offer anyone who loves adventures of all kinds: excursions in the deserts while admiring the sublime sand dunes. Without forgetting of course the marvelous breathtaking pristine white deserts. Also, having the ultimate experience of sailing on the majestic Nile, and getting to know its residents and their ancestral customs. Also make a spectacular stop at the splendid and historic Red Sea as well as these well-known dive sites.  

You should also know that Egypt is married to the East (East, Asia) and the West (West, Europe). How not to think of preparing a trip to this majestic country that is Egypt, country of the pharaohs, ''the cradle of civilization''!

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