Trip to Egypt with children I Claire & Laurent and the children September 2010

After being greeted at the airport by Amro and his guide Wallid who saved us a long wait at customs.

Amro took us to dinner at a local restaurant that overlooked the city.
Return to the hotel always escorted by our team. We then discovered Cairo for 3 days. (Cairo Museum, mosque, walk on the Nile, Sphynx and pyramids…).

We were entitled to special services at all times. Like, for example, visiting one of the non-general public pyramids.

Throughout, Wallid, our daily guide, proved to be a charming and very adaptable host. He knew how to conquer each of our children who still remember him.

At the end of these 3 days, we left for the white desert. To begin with, it was even more on this part of the trip that we really realized how lucky we had been to book an agency such as Amro: confidence at all times, wonder, personalization...

Voyage Egypte avec des enfants I Claire & Laurent et les enfants Septembre 2010
Travel to Egypt with children

In addition, each day brought its share of novelties. Surprises… Then we bathed in hot springs with the children and Wallid is an extraordinary playmate. In fact, we were even able to go on foot and camel treks, but without our 2 1/2 year old little girl whom Wallid “kept” in our absence, taking care of her like a big brother.

We discovered a magnificent oasis with an absolutely charming hotel and in which we are alone.

At the end of dinner, Wallid and the hotel employees were playing “1,2,3 soleil”. Under the direction of our children… Finally the apotheosis of this stay is a camp set up especially for us in the middle of the desert.

A set of drivers, cooks only for us who dazzled us all evening. We returned to France conquered by this stay and very eager to return. Because Amro had told us about other exceptional places off the beaten track. In addition, our friends are amazed by the services we have had.

The cost of our stay is more than correct: the equivalent of a week at Club Med in Greece…. as we left for 10 days.

Trip to Egypt with children I Claire & Laurent and the children September 2010: Cairo, Bahariya Oasis and the White Desert.