Authentic trip to Egypt I Nicole and Jean-Louis Jouvin May 2018

We took a trip to Egypt in May 2018, visiting the oases. However, all different, from Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakla, Kharga, Fayoum, in the Nubian desert (not to be missed).

In fact, the journeys are made in 4/4. The focalized whale skeleton desert of Wadi Al Hitan. 

All the villages are typical and made in banco. Where we wandered through maze of stairs and narrow streets. 

Unforgettable palm groves, hot springs, desert seas including the White Desert. Where we spent the night in bivouac, with meals prepared by the Bedouins. In addition, under a starry sky (unforgettable), without forgetting the camel ride (very fun, crossing the dunes).

Finally, you have to visit the marvelous site of Sakkara. Especially with the discovery of the exterior, its step pyramid. Although located in the middle of the pyramidal set, of King Djoser. Then you have to enter the pyramid of Titi. Then, visit the tombs of Méré Rouka, Kagémini, Ti, the Serapium, the Mastaba of Ptah-Hotep.

 Then, we joined Dahshur to visit the pyramid of Bent (rhomboidal) and the Red pyramid. However, smaller than those of Giza, less known, less touristy, but worth seeing.

Voyage authentique Égypte I Nicole et Jean-Louis Jouvin Mai 2018
Authentic Egypt travel

Our trip lasted 15 fantastic days with a good guide and very friendly driver. You have to trust Mr. Amro. 2 years ago, we had paid a deposit of 1000 euros for this trip which we had to cancel due to events. Then, two years later, Mr Amro took our deposit into account, deducting it from the amount of our trip this year.

You can have complete confidence in Mr Amro, two years ago, I paid €1,000 in advance for a circuit he had organized for us and which we had to cancel following events that had occurred a few weeks before our departure. Then, this year, in the month of May, we made this magnificent journey in complete safety and Mr Amro took our advance into account. Besides, he's a nice boy. However, if you wish, you can reach me by email:

Authentic trip to Egypt I Nicole and Jean-Louis Jouvin May 2018: Cairo, Al Fayoum and Siwa Oasis and the Oasis.

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