Holidays in Egypt | Thierry and Emmanuelle Strub September 2017

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I want to make my contribution to the comments concerning TERRA TRIPS and Egypt.

At the end of September my partner and I left for a holiday in Egypt. For 10 days to discover this country and these wonders.
In order to organize our stay, we requested the services of TERRA TRIPS and had its manager, Amro, as interlocutor.
As a result, we began our exchanges in February and during all this time he was able to respond quickly and accurately to all the questions asked.
We wanted to see as many things as possible and set up a trip that took us to Cairo, on the Nile, and to Alexandria.

The stay was very dense, with sometimes very early rises :). But went just as we imagined: from the pyramids to Alexandria to the Nile cruise. Then, the visit of its many temples, as well as a small detour by Lake Nasser.

The organization was impeccable. However, from the reception at the airport to the accompaniment on the sites by the guides. Without forgetting our driver in Cairo who deserves a medal as the traffic in this city is “confused” for us.
In addition, the professionalism of each is to be underlined as well as their availability. While always smiling, answering our questions. Also, they allowed us to have a really good stay.
Regarding insecurity, at no time did we feel it. There was no more danger in being in Egypt than in any other country in Europe.

Fin septembre ma compagne et moi sommes partis pour passer des Vacances
Holidays in Egypt

In short, total satisfaction for this trip with Amro and his TERRA TRIPS team.
Therefore, Egypt and its treasures are worth going there 'if I listened to my companion, we would leave immediately :).

Also, one thing is sure, the decline in tourism is more than visible: on the spot we live it. Finding yourself practically alone on all these sites is something unimaginable. There is no need to jostle to take pictures, the horizon is so clear.

Whereas, I would say very selfishly that it obviously delighted us. But what sadness for this country and its inhabitants who everywhere welcomed us with kindness and a smile.

Holidays in Egypt | Thierry and Emmanuelle Strub September 2017 – Cairo, Alexandria and Nile Cruise.