Holidays in Egypt – Lionnel and Claude March 2023

Tour in March 2023.

We spoke at length with the agency manager, Amro, to prepare our tour. Amro speaks French perfectly and is always very kind and available (we even wondered when he was sleeping!).

There are so many exceptional cultural sites in Egypt that we couldn't decide on which sites to choose. So we chose to limit ourselves to Cairo (3 days) and Luxor (5 days) and to take all our time for the visits with a high-level French-speaking guide.

We do not regret this choice.

Our guide Nadia (proposed by Amro) took us to the sites of Cairo (Giza, Saqqara, Dahshur) and Luxor (valleys of kings, queens, nobles, artisans, temples of Karnak, Luxor, Ramesseum… and up to Abydos ).

She shared with us her passion for the ancient history of her country and always with great kindness and gentleness.

She was very attentive and keen to help us avoid the crowds of other tourists (and there are a lot of them on certain sites!).

During our tour, Amro was always careful to book us an out-of-the-way Egyptian restaurant, or even order us a traditional dish like stuffed pigeon... even from Cairo Amro made sure that everything went smoothly at all times.

Many thanks Nadia and Amro for this unique cultural stay, and congratulations for the organization and follow-up.

We will definitely come back one day for the sequel… and of course with Terra Trips.


A “Travel to Egypt” is a dream that many have cherished since childhood, it is to visit one of the richest countries in the world in history.


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It is as a former tourist guide in my country, with its ancient civilization, that I have been organizing trips throughout Egypt for many years. 


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You will be accompanied in particular by a professional French-speaking Egyptian guide. You will also enjoy autonomy and freedom during your trip.

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