Travel offer to Egypt I Eric and Olivia FROEHLY and the children I December 2019

SIMPLY PERFECT Choose Amro (Terra Trip Egypt).

During my research on the net. The forum " The backpacker » was very helpful for me to find a guide or a receptive agency (local agency). 

I selected 5 of them Egypt offer (some did not adapt to my requests or did not respond at all). 

On the other hand Terra Trips was the only one to answer me within 24 hours for a land circuit for 5 people with French-speaking guide.

He was very patient and responded in detail to all my requests (and there were many…).

I had done some research and had a selection of accommodation with very specific criteria (apartment for 5, comfort, calm, cleanliness, etc.). He agreed to change his accommodations for mine when he was not working with them (for information now they are part of his notebook…).

Once the circuit was validated (From Cairo to Abu-Simbel) we made a transfer of 30% of the amount of the circuit. (in fact, I admit that I was not calm until the receipt of the internal flights by email).


A person (very friendly) comes to welcome you as soon as you get off the plane (with a green Terra Trip sign. You only see her, it's perfect). 

Offre voyage en Égypte I Eric et Olivia FROEHLY et les enfants I Décembre 2019
Travel offer to Egypt

We also guide you to the counter for the purchase of visas and customs clearance. (And this is how you are accompanied to the departure flight). To the output. He welcomed us and took us through Cairo giving us all the details of our journey and then took us to our hotel in Giza.

 (There we paid him the balance…) Amro calls you every day to find out if everything is going well. It's very reassuring. Choice of guides. First of all, Hamed from the north = perfect for keen visitors to ancient Egypt who would be looking for precise details of the pyramids "down to the centimeter". 

For us, too many details that we no longer listened to. So remember to tell Amro before your arrival if you are an expert in knowledge of Egypt or if you want to discover quietly.

Next, Hamed from the south = just perfect for us. He knew how to understand us. Remain discreet and find the right balance to give us time to take lots of photos and provide us with simple and effective explanations. He was also able to give us a maximum of details on the current life of the Egyptians. 

He managed the feat of giving us tours against the flow of tourists (and there were a lot of them). We were often almost alone on all the archaeological sites. WHAT HAPPINESS.

All the restaurants included in the package were also perfect and delicious. We were accompanied every step of the way. Either by our guide during the visits. Or by a person who picked us up at the airport to guide us to our hotel.

For the tariff = A very subjective question. We have chosen a private land tour for an Egypt Offer. Before leaving. I would have told you that it is in the mid-high range (some tour operators are much more expensive). But given the quality of service, the care, the standard of living in Egypt. Amro is therefore one of the agencies to recommend.

Choosing to go with Amro (Terra Trip Egypt) is the assurance of a serene, secure trip at the right price.

Travel offer to Egypt I Eric, Olivia, Erika, Ambre, Karl FROEHLY December 2019: Car tour (Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan and Abu Simbel)