Nicole GOEPFERT and the Banque Barclays group February 2005: Cairo and Cruise on the Nile


We met Amro during a stay in Egypt, organized by our Works Council.

We were able to appreciate his erudition and his unfailing kindness. In addition, he never ceased to make us discover his country, both in ancient times and in modern life, and was, throughout the duration of the trip, attentive to our well-being and our satisfaction.

Really, this is how getting to know him was a plus and contributed to the wonder we felt during this stay in Egypt.

I have been in Egypt for a number of years now on a trip organized by the works council of my work and indeed the situation was not the same. The fact remains that we have found in AMRO a listening ear, a culture and a taste for transmitting that is sometimes lacking in other organizers.
We plan to return to Egypt to complete our trip and we will certainly call on Terra-Trips quite simply because we trust this agency to organize a trip for us as close as possible to what we want at a reasonable price. Sincerely Nicole93

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