The looting of graves

Les pillages de tombes , et le retour des pilleurs de tombes, se déroulent dans la Vallée des Rois
Looting of tombs in the Valley of the Kings

Grave robberies, and the return of grave robbers, mainly take place in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. This is where these thefts of archaeological treasures take place, which subsequently feed the parallel antiquities market. Looters have been encountered and they don't try to hide what they are doing.

Some said they found basalt statues, others said they dug for two months and then gave up because they couldn't find anything worthwhile.

These people do not understand the value of these objects, they do not even know which dynasty they belong to, they are not cultured people. They don't see the pyramids as a heritage, even though they are Egyptians.

Grave robberies: They see it as government property and they think it's okay what they're doing. Egyptian heritage is already scattered around the world in many museums. If in addition these people continue their traffic, priceless pieces will still leave Egyptian territory.

These people say they are poor, and that they do this to be able to feed themselves. This is very understandable, but let these people know that nothing justifies illegal behavior in any way.

Come back tomb robbers in Egypt, however, is not a new thing. In the past, Egypt has suffered several offenses relating to thefts from Egyptian tombs. History demonstrates this well; but nowadays these thefts seem to have resurfaced. Worse still, they even seem to have a tendency to increase.

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