The United States returns the monuments of Egypt

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Monuments of Egypt: The United States returns the monuments of Egypt.

Artifacts found in America dating from the last period arrived in Egypt while they date from the late Pharaonic period. They include a mummified hand, a sarcophagus and a golden mummy mask. They arrived at the end of several shipping procedures. Abdel Gawad states that the recovered coins dated from the late pharaonic period.

cardboard is a type of material used in funerary masks. It is thus made of layers of linen or papyrus covered with plaster of the XXIIe dynasty. Also it was customary to insert the mummy in a carton. The term cartonnage means the object itself as well as the nature of the material used. The cartonnage generally consists of several layers of linen sometimes associated with old papyrus .

Les Etats Unis rends les monuments d'Egypte
The monuments of Egypt

ancient egypt is an ancient civilization in northeastern Africa. However concentrated along the lower course of the Nile, in what is now Egypt.

The civilization of ancient Egypt takes shape around -3150. Especially with the political unification of Upper Egypt in the south and Lower Egypt in the north. Although under the reign of the first King and develops over more than three millennia. Its history is dotted with a series of politically stable periods. Interspersed with several intermediate, more troubled periods. Ancient Egypt reached its peak under the New Kingdom and then entered a period of slow decline. However, the country suffered repeated attacks from foreign powers in this late period. The reign of the pharaohs officially ends in -30.


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